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Nov 28, 2011 05:42 AM

Give me cool Tokyo restaurant ideas

I'm leaving Tokyo in January. I've been thrilled with the food in Tokyo so far, and I'd like to eat at as many interesting, delicious places as I can between now and January. Price is not much of a consideration. More important considerations are that they take reservations in English (very important) and); it is seafood (or poultry) and vegetable focused (I avoid meat); and it's good for dining solo (but if they'll take me, that's cool).

Here are some good places I've been so far:

Sushi Saito. Right up my alley.

Kikunoi. Excellent. Beautiful kaiseki, seafood-focused, friendly to English speakers.

Daigo. Like Kikunoi but vegetarian (and in some ways, even more impressive).

Pierre Gagnaire. I called ahead and said seafood only, and they accomodated nicely. This was a terrific experience, but if I'm going to do French again it had better be extraordinary.

Rakutei. Good tempura, friendly to English speakers.

Please give me some more places I shouldn't miss before I leave.

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  1. We very much enjoyed Hatsu Tsubomi near the Akihabara Station. They start you off with six tiny amuse - they were all exquisite, and we went on to shrimp and crab balls in a slightly alcoholic syrup and a dried red bream that was sensational. We ordered a la carte. Menu in English, and we had no trouble being welcomed and greeted, but we did not make reservations. I imagine they would be able to reserve in English.

    Click on their 'Profile.html' page to find a map of the location, it's on the 9th floor of an office building. Website is not in English, but has their phone number.

    1. Kyubey Sushi, New York Bar & Grill (go for the lunch buffet and order the daily fish), Ryugin (request seafood - they should be able to accomodate), Troisgros, Nihonbashi Yukari (request seafood - and I hear they have a waitress on staff who speaks English so you should be able to make your reservation. A chef friend of mine from the USA recently had a nice dinner there and said the waitress could interpret for Iron Chef Kimio Nonaga).

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        Sushi Kyubei is an image of globalization ! Last past year, they did a performance that did amaze me though, sushi Kyubei had a 'special stand' on the Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi as a special event, and it runned one year ! So as it seemed to be exceptionnal, the stand was attracting clients ! I did go, and felt it was a BIG business hand, i do prefer the family run business and traditionnal, so i will recommend you to try the Sukiyabashi Jiro in Roppongi. If you call around lunch or dinner time, you will have an assistant that speaks english fluently.. 
        SUKIYABASHI JIRO - ROPPONGI : lunch at 17850.-yens
        Just take a look at the menu, here below. If you make a call 3-4 days before, they will able to arrange the menu for you, the decor is be honest.     
        FRENCH RESTAURANT -LE SIXIEME SENS  : lunch at 4500.-yens, 6000.-yens, 8000.-yens, 10000.-yens