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Nov 28, 2011 12:24 AM

Gauchos in Portland has closed.

I know it's not such a surprising turn of events, but Gauchos has closed its doors for good. I was employed there for the first two years it was open and saw the downhill progression as it started.

I wonder what business/restaurant will attempt a go at that location next?

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  1. It's a cursed spot now which there are many of in portland. Too bad because it's a great space. Somebody who is established with other restaurants here needs to open up in there. Can't be a restaurant from a new name. Seems to be the Portland way now. To open up a place that's successful, you already have to have one. Aspara closed too a block away. Both great spaces.

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    1. re: grittys457

      It's funny but I was trying to figure it out but I think you're right on the mark. One would think "what a great location" but I do think it may be cursed. I never thought the concept really worked for Portland and was actually surprised they lasted as long as they did - it looked empty for at least 2 years. Someone lost a lot of money. It is a great space. I hope someone is successful with it. I never even got a chance to eat at Aspara - that didn't last too long. Have we reached the saturation point in Portland?

      1. re: bobbert

        I actually think the concept could work in a smaller space, or how about if Havana South did it for one weekend a month? I lived in Brazil as a kid and grew up loving Churrasco - it is a delicious, festive experience - but Gauchos Portland made a hash of it. I was very disappointed with the lack of commitment and, as a result, quality.

        1. re: johnnydj

          Amen to everything you said! That Havana South idea would be great.

    2. Spot has already been leased. Now that was fast. Don't know by who yet