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Nov 27, 2011 10:59 PM

wine shop recommendations?

just moved to seattle from portland, and am looking for a good wine shop. ideally, a place that stocks great local and unusual wines at reasonable prices (pdx probably spoiled us in this regard). would be extra nice to find a place in the capitol hill/madison park area, but am willing to travel for a great deal/great selection.


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  1. For reasonably priced wines we like Wine Outlet. The inventory rotates depending on what deals he has going so you're not always going to find the same thing each time.

    For a good selection try Wine World.

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      I really like 12th & Olive Wine Shop. Steven is Bery knowledgable and always tries to have unusual cases in stock @ good prices

    2. Try Leschi Market for a good wine store near Madrona. Great selection and good prices (10& off 6 bottles or more.)

      1. Esquin has a terrific selection as does Pete's Eastlake and Pete's Bellevue. To support a small local business, I suggest Grape Choice in Kirkland.

        1. a newer place that I am growing fond of quickly is Wine World, just West of I-5 at 45th in Wallingford. You might call it a wine warehouse, it is sooo big, but comfortable, with a good layout; divided by country and region and varietals. Nice seating; a room for private tastings, etc.
          Lot's of tasting days as well.
          I understand they are going to be carying specialty liquor when the new law goes into effect as well.
          Used to go to Esquin, but after a few bum steers from them, I have been happily shopping at Wine world now for several months and have not been disapointed yet by a purchase there.

          1. We go to Pike & Western in Pike Place and McCarthy & Schiering on QA, which is not convenient to the neighborhoods you mention. I think Pete's is a good choice for you. And we will see how much it changes with the new law!