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Nov 27, 2011 09:54 PM

Where to find Com Ruou (fermented sweet rice) in Hong Kong?


I live in HK and really want to try Com Ruou, the Vietnamese fermented sweet rice.

Has anybody seen this on a Vietnamese restaurant menu in HK?

Goal is to make my own at home but first want to try the real thing.


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  1. HONG KONG -- Or do you know of any very friendly Vietnamese restaurant in HK with reasonable English who I can ask to make for me. I was at a little Filipino restaurant in Jordan recently and was asking about lots of dishes that weren't on the menu and they said -- sure, just call us the day before and we'll make it for you. Perhaps I try the same approach.

    HANOI -- Or any restaurant suggestions that serve Com Ruou in Hanoi would also be useful. I'll be there in March.