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Nov 27, 2011 09:36 PM

Nonstick cookware: What about ceramic pans??

Hello, experts! I hear a lot about non-stick alternatives such as scan pans and cast iron. For some reason, I haven't seen a lot of discussion around ceramic pans, such as this one on Amazon:

It gets great reviews and is reportedly non-stick. People say it works on eggs and potatoes. It's listed as 100% PTFE and PFOA free. It's not heavy and doesn't require seasoning or special care. It's very inexpensive.

Is there something bad about this pan that I'm missing? It is really just another form of teflon? Or is it awesome??

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  1. I bought a ceramic pan a few months ago and really like it--it is indeed very good for eggs. It also doesn't scratch when my kids forget and use metal utensils with it, and it was a lot cheaper than the other "green" nonstick pans out there. We'll see how it holds up.

    1. Depending how you want to define it, Scanpan may or may not be an alternative of traditional nonstick pan. Standard nonstick cookware use PTFE/Teflon to produce the nonstick property. Scanpan also uses PTFE/Teflon.

      As for your ceramic pans, they are not PTFE, but they don't usually last very long. If you read the "1 star" reviews you will see the is the common compliant -- it was nonstick, but it didn't last long. It is common that people write a great review for a newly purchased product. They don't wait for 6 months to a year to write reviews. So the reviews you read are largely from new buyers who can describe their initial experience, but not the longevity of the cookware.

      Here is a 2010 article which discuss this:

      In 2010, Consumer Report rated EarthPan as the best Green Pan based on its performance and durability. Even then, the Senior Sales Director of Meyer said “The best green product is not going to be up to the performance of our higher-end non-stick cookware.”

      1. I wonder if it has a similar ceramic coating as the WS gold touch baking pans? I've had mine for a few years and they are still in almost new condition. Although I can't see it standing up to the abuse of stovetop cooking.

        1. Then there is this: a Berghoff pan with a ceramic coating.

          Berghoff also does a line called Acadian which has a ceramic coating. I don't know how long these pans wear, or whether they work on induction, but there do appear to be several options if you are interested in ceramic coatings.