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Nov 27, 2011 08:17 PM

Saturday lunch in Hopkins with younguns. . .

This east-metro gal is seeking recs for Saturday lunch/brunch dining with kids (one of whom tends toward unruliness) in or near Hopkins.

1) In or within 5ish minute drive of downtown Hopkins
2) Not too quiet - we want our noisy moments to at least somewhat blend in with the ambient noise
3) Open by 11:30 am on a Saturday
4) Relatively quick service (lightning-speed not necessary, but I don't want to be waiting too long for drinks, food, etc.)
5) Low to moderate prices

Bonus points if there is a changing table (double bonus points if there is one in the men's room).
High chairs not necessary.

Thank you for wracking your brains. :)

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  1. The places we usually go with our 2 kids (both under 3yo) in that area is Pizza Luce and Big 10. Both meet your criteria. Pretty sure Big 10 had a changing table in the men's room last time I was there, not 100% on that though...

    The Big 10 Restaurant & Bar
    1106 Mainstreet, Hopkins, MN 55343

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      We just went to the SLP Pizza Luce for brunch the other weekend and were really surprised by how kid-friendly it was! Lots of families there, the servers were great with the kids and the food came quickly. The food was good, too. (Better than we expected!)

    2. there's this... diner in hopkins. it's a guilty pleasure of ours. no farm-to-table action, just good honest eats. waitresses who will call you "hun." old fashion atmosphere. sos on the menu. cheap prices. it's called "hoagies" and doesn't sell hoagies. it does sell breakfast all day, if you like your omelet with american cheese. ham salad sandwiches. pie a la mode. i believe they have milkshakes and sundaes, too. there is a little counter where the locals come in every day and get the usual and if you sit up there, you can strike up a conversation.

      it is right on main street hopkins and meets all your other main criteria. very kid-friendly, booths. i haven't been in the men's room, but i will say that the ladies' room (as well as the rest of the establishment) is so immaculately clean that i wouldn't hesitate to do all of that business right on the floor of the restroom, if need be. CASH ONLY, no credit cards. you have been forewarned.

      1. Know this is a little late however Boston Garden (kiddy corner from Big 10) right on Mainstreet will fill your bill very nicely. They have gotten many awards and their fish sandwhich is to die for. Spagehetti just right for Minnesotan's however I like mine a little spiceier. Look in the local coupon ads and get a special although prices are on the low side. Lots of locals inhabit this fine establishment. Been in the same locale for many years now. Pizza Luce, be prepared to spend big $$$ and Hoagies just doesn't do it anymore. Go on a Satrurday and attend the Farmers Market (opens June 18, 2013 I believe this year).

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        1. re: Royboy1256

          Boston Garden is gone - closed down this past winter.