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Nov 27, 2011 08:05 PM

Braising Vs. Roasting meats, what style of cooking do you like?

When I started really cooking home meals and dinners for friends/family I loved roasting meat(prim rib,pork chicken and so on). Then I finally got a cast iron enamel pot and started to braising meat and feel in love with this style of cooking. So now i do go back and forth between the two style and love the both, but if I had to choses one think I would go Braised. What do you like?

Ps. I also find i get a better reduction sauce when braising.

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  1. Veal, Beef, Pork, Lamb and Turkey slow roasted @ low temperature for most cuts.

    Braised Short Ribs, Osso Bucco and Ox Tails or an occasional pork shoulder...I would consider braising dark meat turkey and chicken, but never white meat.

    1. What I like about braising is it allows one to create a dish with a strong meat flavor without using a lot of meat....I'm on a budget and choose to use grass fed beef when possible so it does make a difference.

      1. Depends on the variety of meat. I wouldn't braise a turkey, nor would I roast a beef chuck blade.

        1. We all know their some meat you cant braise, maybe i should have ask what texture do you like better. Crust on the out side with juicy tender meat or soft tender fall off the bone meat ( sound like I'm writhing a porn novel lol)

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            again, it depends on the meat and on the dish.

          2. I braise more than I roast, especially in the winter. I just love the texture of the cuts of meats you braise. I am on a tight budget and these cuts tend to be easier on the wallet.