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Nov 27, 2011 08:01 PM

One day for lunch in Hartford area?

What do you suggest that would be open on a Monday? I would love great Southeast Asian, maybe not Thai though. Or perhaps something like a good dim sum, Middle-Eastern, or Turkish?

I also really like German/Eastern European or Russian food.

Thanks, I have no idea- so anything helps.

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      1. re: ratbuddy

        Fengs isn't alone...I wonder if the employees themselves see this as a negative...200 a month for rent in a reasonable safe environment may be an improvement over what they are used to.

        I remember one of my first jobs cooking at a shoreline restaurant had a dormitory for many of the summer was cheap., no transportation issues and we all worked hard with long hours and got paid in cash...

        Not saying an illegal boarding house is OK...but not sure that issue would keep me from eating there...I have always liked the one downtown and go there frequently.

      2. re: brookerme

        +1, brookerme--but not sure why Pho Boston came up?? Though, that's a good choice, too, if the OP doesn't mind going for a ride to Shield Street Plaza.

        Or, also in that neck of the woods, Tapas in the Elmwood section of West Hartford. Aw, heck, I forgot, there's a Tapas downtown, too:

      3. I would love to see any of those places you mention in Hartford. Especially Turkish food. There is nothing good along those lines that I am aware of. You could go to Glastonbury and try Sakura Garden.....they are a chain but not too bad. Their sushi is pretty good. Also in Glastonbury, Hanafin's Pub is new to town and they have traditional Irish food. Mr. Hanafin is straight from Ireland and also has a place in New London we go to often. They have a good shepard's pie, fish and chips, and bangers and mash. I just wish they had a better beer menu. Plan B in the same plaza has some awesome burgers and a great beer list.

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        1. re: EasternCT

          I like Sakura Garden, too, but if I were looking for lunch in downtown Hartford (where I used to work and walk for lunch), Feng would be my first pick and beats Sakura Garden with a large bat.

          Also agree with you on Plan B--just depends on how far the OP feels like traveling. How far is too far, fara? Or did you already spend Monday in the Insurance City? If so, where'd you wind up?

          If you don't come from an area where excellent Italian grinders are readily available, I'd steer you to Hartford's Little Italy to grab something piled high with cold cuts (or cutlets) at Maple Giant Grinder:

          Or if you'd like something completely different, try the cevapi at NY-NY, also in Hartford's Little Italy:

          But, to repeat, if you're on foot downtown, Feng's got that number one spot...yeah, baby, yeah!

          1. re: kattyeyes

            thanks everyone. We just went back to Pepe's in Manchester.