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Nov 27, 2011 06:56 PM

Liquid Gold - Turkey Stock - What are you making with yours?

I look forward to making turkey stock from my Thanksgiving turkey carcass equally as much as the turkey itself. Soup is an obvious usage for the stock but what other ways are you using your liquid gold for?

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    1. Hi, letsindulge:

      Turkey and dumplings in sparkling Reisling and Chantrelle stew/gravy?


      1. I did not have time to use my stock this year, so it is in the freezer (always a good idea to keep good stock in the freezer). I do love polenta made with stock, last year I made polenta with the roasted turkey stock, it was great!

        1. turkey tetrazzini, soup with wild rice, turkey pot pie.

          1. Did a quicky turkey pot pie before my son left for the airport yesterday. It's one of those comfort foods that he likes and I got to use a fair amount of turkey plus stock I made. Tonight I will continue to use the bird and stock to make a Tuscan style soup. Time to eat a bit lighter since the kids left