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Nov 27, 2011 06:54 PM

Los Gemelos Restaurant & Tortilleria Port Chester

stopped by last week for the first time for a late lunch, ordered a hortchata and two tacos, carnitas and chorizo. omg, unbelievably great, the best I've had in NY. The carnita tasted like they'd been cooking all day, full of flavor, still a little toothsome. The chorizo was a little crunchy and spicy. Both were served on two tortillas, the green and red hot sauce was great. Also, the horchata was delicious.

I'm trying to tempt my family for a trip (it's a good 45 mins from home) with the promise of churros con chocolate...anyone know the best place in port chester for that?

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  1. The only churros I have had in Port Chester have been from Bartaco and Flor De Jalis Bakery. Bartaco's in the first photo, the choocolate was great but the churros were greasy. They had been open only a short time when I sampled them, they might have improved. The churros photographed with the cookie are from Flor De Jalis a very short walk from Los Gemelos I prefer them...Los Gemelos has a really fun vibe on a Friday and Saturday night and the crowd of regulars and staff make you feel welcome. If your family includes young kids Bartaco would be more appropriate at lunch time.