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Nov 27, 2011 06:37 PM

where to buy clodhoppers in GTA?

Where can I find clodhoppers in Toronto? I've tried Loblaws, shoppers drugmart, and Longos.

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    1. re: kkancho

      do you know if it's the brookside kind?

      1. re: ladymarshmallow

        it doesn't show what type they are but have you checked Superstore? I remember seeing them there.

        1. re: kkancho

          Metro has them in bulk. Independent convenience stores have bags. Where in the city are you shopping?

    2. Positive that WalMart carries them too as I have bought them from the local Walmart a few times

      1. Bulk Barn has them in bulk but also the bags if you want to make sure they're a name brand. If you want freshness though go for the bulk stuff they go through that stuff FAST!!!!