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Nov 27, 2011 05:13 PM

Any decent sports bars in Portland?

I'd love to take my husband to a nice sports bar to see the Ravens next Sunday, his birthday. We've been to Bingas, Rivalries, Asylum, and Frosty Pint to see the Ravens, and just didn't really like any of them. Especially the food. Ick. We like the Frosty Pint because it's close to our house, the tvs are big, the folks behind the bar are friendly, and the place is totally uncrowded. But the food was horrible. I'd like to go to a place that has big screen TVs, with options for those of us who have loyalties outside of New England, and where the food is really good (if possible). Comfortable seating a plus, but bar stools are fine. Any ideas? We would even go to a hotel bar, if that's the best we can get.

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    1. Portland has a few places with lots of TV's but alas, as you have discovered, those places have questionable food at best. Now, if you were willing to change your allegiance to the Patriots a whole new world of options will open up for you. Near your neighborhood (Frosty Pint) you might try Bruno's or Siano's. Good neighborhood joints with a number of TV's. Siano's has decent pizza and Bruno's OK sandwiches. Neither can be called gourmet but they're friendly with good beer selections. Don't expect to watch the Ravens... unless they're playing the Pat's. Actually, if they're not playing at the same time, the people are nice enough that they'd probably put your game on for you. Good luck.

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        Thanks, Bobbert. We finally decided on Rivalries, since the Ravens game came on AFTER the Patriots game, so folks cleared out and we practically had the whole upstairs to ourselves! The food was pretty good, too although that might have been the tequila talking. But thanks for your post. We have been to the Frosty Pint and they will and have put on our Ravens, even when the Patriots are playing. So that's cool. They are cool, too. I had a long conversation with possibly the owner(?). A veteran who was very evolved in how he approached his work in Iraq. It was nice to chat with him.

      2. For sports pub food I always thought Rivalries did a good job. You have Buffalo Wild Wings in south portland. Sweet setup and beer selection and you know what you're getting with the food.

        Why not take him for a nice lunch first and then head to Rivalries for drinks and snacks or something?

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          Thanks, grittys457. We actually had a great day. We went for a lobster lunch in old port, then to the Irish bar next to Rivalries which had a bunch of local musicians playing Irish music which was a super sweet bonus! We then hopped on over to Rivalries, which was much better than I had remembered it to be. As noted above, the Patriots concluded their game, so everyone cleared out. It was sweet.

        2. At home: Rent a giant flat screen tv, a case of his favorite brew and his favorite game foods.

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          1. re: dwdunn

            Unfortunately, dwdunn, we have Time Warner Cable which has not entered into an agreement with the NFL and thus does not play our beloved Ravens......hence, the need to find a place that will! This week will be tough as both the Pats and the Ravens play at 1:00pm.

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              Foreplay divey foods iffy but free hot dogs probably will have your beloved Ravens on but not front and center!