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Nov 27, 2011 04:24 PM

Richmond Hill - Inatei

Anyone have an recent reviews of this place? How is the atmosphere and food selection? Quality of fish?

I'm planning to take my girlfriend's mother here who likes japanese food, but way want to choose other options rather than sashimi/sushi. Is the restaurant conversation-friendly?

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  1. still love this place. IMO while the sushi rice may not be the best in the city, the variety and quality of the sashimi is great. the cooked food items are excellent so this would be a particularly good choice for you since sashimi/sushi isn't your main priority. i go with my partner all the time and have never had any problem with noise, atmosphere, or service.

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      Thanks! I'm hoping to head there in the next week or two. Hopefully it'll be a good experience.