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Nov 27, 2011 03:49 PM

Mexican-style Grilled Corn in Orange County?

We just got back from New York City where we had the best Mexican-style grilled corn. It was essentially corn on the cob covered with Cotija Cheese, ground chiles, lime juice and perhaps some mayonaise.

But I was thinking, we have some of the best Mexican food in the world in Southern California. Does anyone know any restaurants, particularly in Orange County, that makes a mexican grilled corn similar to what I just described above? TIA.

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  1. We get something similar though not grilled from a lady who comes down our street with tamales as well. Many of the Farmers markets have places which will grill the corn and have all of the accoutrements for making elote con todo or if you don't like the extra work of the cob, order esquites.

    1. I used to get these when I lived in England.:

      "Elote ½ a corn cob, mayonnaise, crumbled cheee, chile chipotle powder (v) £2.60"

      But, oddly, I've never seen them here.

      1. They're EVERYWHERE. Well, everywhere that speaks Spanish, anyway.

        The Anaheim farmers market on Thursdays, across from the ZOMG wonderful pupusería. Or El Rey del Elote Asado, which is a truck that parks just west of Main St. in Santa Ana... I can't remember which street it is, but it's within six blocks or eight south of 1st St and is visible from Main.

        You can get them in any frutería too... try Natural on State College in Anaheim, Brianna's on Ball Rd., whatever the juice place is that's next to Northgate market on East St. near the 91, or any of the little vendors on Fourth St. in Santa Ana. Some places may cut them off the cob, though, so be sure you're specific. Elote is the whole cob; ezquites are the kernels cut off the cob... usually. (Some places trying to affect Mexican authenticity don't know the difference, which is why I said, "Usually.")

        They're called elotes or ezquites in Spanish. In my neighbourhood in Anaheim there are roaming vendors who sell them... for a damn sight less than the USD equivalent of £2.60. Try Boysen Park at the weekend. Listen for a bell ringing and a man's voice calling, "¡Elotes, ezquites, elotes, riiiiiiiiiicos ezquites!"

        1. It's not Orange County, but they serve a very good version of this at Upper West in Santa Monica.

          Upper West
          3321 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404