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Nov 27, 2011 03:35 PM

Does olive brine go bad?

I have a bottle of Toss "peppertini" martini mixer. It's olive brine infused with habanero peppers. I have purchased it at some point over the last year, but can't remember exactly when. It's open, but has been in the fridge the entire time. Do you think it goes bad? The ingredients are listed as olive brine, water, habaneros, and lactic acid. I feel like the color has gotten darker, but there's also a whole habanero in the bottle that's been "soaking" the entire time. Do you think it's still good or should I throw it out? Thanks!

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  1. It can go bad, yes. At least if it's not refrigerated. It will keep weeks w/o refrigeration but it will get moldy if you forget about it. In the fridge, I don't know. If it doesn't seem to be moldy or fizzy it's probably not dangerous though I don't know how it will taste. I have had half-sour pickles go real bad in the refrigerator - the ones that are basically fresh cucumbers in brine.

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      They will get overly soft and the flavors will be off as they go pat their prime but I don't there is any danger in eating them. I say try one to decide if you want to toss them

    2. I've never had olives go bad in the fridge, even those left open and used well past their expiration date. I can't imagine dangerous microbes surviving in that stuff while refrigerated, but smell it, and if it seems to be as it should be, try a little and see how it goes!

      1. The alcohol will kill the germs. At least that's what my Mom would say!