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Nov 27, 2011 03:10 PM

kosher food on Hurtigruten cruise

I'm contemplating taking a Northern Lights cruise next year on the Hurtigruten line in northern Norway. I've gotten differing responses from company representatives about the availability of kosher food (I haven't even mentioned that I'm also a vegetarian!). Can anyone advise me how to handle this situation? Would I just be best off if I packed ready-to-eat vegetarian kosher meals and protein bars, and rely on them providing uncut fresh fruits and veggies to supplement? Also, does anyone know about milk in Norway, and whether chalav stam there is ok there for those who drink it in the US? And are there any other major kashrut concerns that I might be forgetting to consider? I will not be there over Shabbos, so fortunately that's not an issue.

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