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Nov 27, 2011 02:21 PM

Fish head curry

A travel show made me want to seek this out. It was about Singapore, but I guess this is a dish done in Thai, Chinese, Indian and probably other cuisines?. Who does fish head curry well in Austin? Yeah, I googled, but you guys probably know better.

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  1. I'd imagine that this wouldn't be a very equitable menu item in Austin, as I think most Americans are pretty squeamish about fish heads. I'd try it though... my advice would be to call some Asian restaurants in town and ask if they might be able to make it as an off-menu dish. Any place that cooks fish is going to end up with leftover fish heads, and the owners probably make it for themselves and those who are in the know. They'd probably be pretty happy that you're interested.

    I'd maybe snoop around some of the Asian restaurants up north, especially those in Chinatown Center. Or maybe G'raj Mahal if you want to try the Indian angle.

    1. fish head curry is a dish pretty exclusively malay/singaporean. The Indian restauranteurs there wanted a dish to appeal to the heavy Chinese population and thus fish head curry was born.

      I think you will have a hard time finding this dish in Austin and even if you do it will be a poor facsimile as the fish head should be traditionally freshly cut from a live fish. A frozen fish head just won't work very well.

      Maharaja Indian Cafe on Spicewood Springs does serve a Goan Fish Curry but currently I don't know of any restaurant that serves a fishhead curry.

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        I've had the fish curry at Maharaja and it didn't knock my socks off but was good. Bombay Bistro at Braker/183 also offers a fish curry that I have not had. I thought New India on South Congress would have one since they are from Goa but they don't appear. Anyway, still not the Singaporean dish.