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Nov 27, 2011 01:13 PM

Meat sauces or rubs from LA?

My colleagues from around the US are gifting my boss with a meat market gift card (for a local place near him) and we're all tasked with sending in a local "sauce or rub" from our Region. Most will be sending in bbq sauces so I wanted to be a little different and pick something that is truly a unique LA entry. Any ideas would be welcomed!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. You may want to try a rub or marinade with a Mexican/Baja flare. Though south of the border flavors are popular in southwestern states, I am sure you can find something with a more distinct SoCal touch.

      Alternatively, a korean bbq marinade could also serve your function. Good luck.

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        Good suggestions. Another one that came to my mind would be the mole negro concentrated pastes (just add chicken stock and marinate) that are sold in various Oaxacan restaurants and markets. Again, not exactly native to LA, but well-represented here.

      2. I know its a terrible idea! Ha- I like the idea of tapping into the diversity we have here- since he lives in Indianapolis its about as vanilla as you can get. Korean is a great idea- but anything more specific?- carne asada? salsas? etc. Was even thinking Sriacha (which is made here). Do any restaurants or local shops here have anything that you like?

        1. I wonder if Sanchez Market sells their carne asada marinade by the bottle or jar?

          1. I was at a competition in Orange County recently. Tried a sauce by a company called Mickey's Momma's BBQ sauce. It was the best I ever had. If you can find it I think your boss would love it, I did. They say they were from Los Angeles.