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Nov 27, 2011 12:41 PM

Sourpuss new Top Chef judge

I'm not sure why the new judge on Top Chef has been put on prime time national television. (Sorry if this has been discussed already). I think his name is Hugh Atkinson..or something? Every time he says "Sorry, you won't be with us" he makes this incredibly sour face that is really unappealing. He also whines when he talks in a not cute way. He doesn't seem to fit the show or be at all aesthetically appealing. My two cents.

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  1. Hugh Acheson....from Athens and Atlanta, GA.
    Great restaurants!!!

    1. He was a loser from Top Chef masters and does a "blog" for e! So far I don't care for him. He was kind of entertaining when he was competing.

      1. Because he's actually pretty funny and generally a good guy, not one of those imported British donkeys.

          1. re: LaLa

            Me too! I think he provides good, thoughtful feedback at judging, and his blogs (which started off just a bit too dry for me) are starting to show some personality/snark that I HIGHLY enjoy. He has definitely grown on me since the culinary science fair episode of TCM, which really made me hate him more than a little bit. Also, I have to say I like that they now have ONE judge in the regular rotation that has been in the Top Chefs' shoes...I think that perspective/humility is what is making me like him now. I always enjoy when the guest judges are former TCM contestants, because I think they are the only ones that critique with some understanding of the circumstances the chefs are under.

          2. I'd rather have Gail, but I'm fine with him. I actually find that he grows on me a bit.