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Nov 27, 2011 12:17 PM

Bayfront Ampitheater area rec needed please

We will be at Bayfront Ampitheater (now called Klipsch Ampitheater) for a concert and need a place to eat early at around 5:30. We will be headed south on 95 and I see there are a few restos in the immediate area. Nothing fancy please and all cuisines are open. I would prefer it to be within walking distance to make things easier.

I see Sparky's Roadside BBQ (NE 1st St and NE 2nd Ave) is in the immediate area and this would work for me but looking for other options as well.

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  1. Sparky's is a pretty good call. Also Little Lotus, a Japanese place that's a little tricky to find, inside an office building at 25 N. Miami Ave. I haven't been there in ages but when I worked downtown I used to like Stoupsy's (Greek) at 350 SE 1st St.

    1. Ceviche 105 is a good call close to Bayfront Park. Fratelli Milano is a little further inland but is also very good. Bali Cafe (Indonesian) is another option, but is cash only.

      Fratelli Milano
      213 SE 1st St, Miami, FL 33131

      1. Phuc Yea
        19 SE 2nd Ave
        Miami 33131
        (786) 383-2408
        Tues-Sat 5:30pm-10:00pm

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          Didn't realize Phuc Yea opened that early. Good call. Only going to be around at that location through first week of December though, I think.

        2. I saw Ceviche 105 and Bali on the map, so thanks for those recs. Phuc Yea looks interesting but the weekly menu has not been updated for this week. Maybe I will call them to verify they are still open and they have some good parking tips for the area on their website. Ceviche 105 might be too hip for us in R&R concert apparel.