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Nov 27, 2011 12:11 PM

The Cook's Mate Restaurant Equipment Supply on Ellesmere between Warden & Birchmount - Is it any good?

How would it compare to, say, Nella in terms of selection, quality, and pricing?

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  1. I have a part-time catering operation and have purchased many supplies from Cook's Mate. They have a decent selection of inventory in stock (especially Asian cookware, dinnerware, tools etc.) and will order anything else you need. Prices are good IMO compared to other shops around town. Can't speak for Nellas as I haven't been there personally. I purchased a meat slicer, several chafing dishes, pots, pans, hot boxes, quantities of ramekins and glasses over the past few years. Staff are helpful and knowledgable.

    1. I thought they were only open to people in the "trade". I seem to recall dropping by one day some time ago and there was a sign to that effect on the door. If that is not the case, I would love to know.

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        I just sent my nephew there to purchase a proper chef's knife. Yes indeedy, they're open to the public.

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          That's great. Thanks for passing along the info :)