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Nov 27, 2011 12:10 PM

Authentic Dumplings finally arrive in Triangle area!

So good I signed up for a Chowhound account just so I could post this! I almost never write reviews but, as a Chinese-American in Chapel Hill who grew up on jiaozi, I would really like to see Chirba Chirba stick around. They are a new dumpling truck with a very simple, short, and delicious menu - find out where they're parked here: They're worth driving to find.

I have eaten at every place in the area that has been named as having decent dumplings and I can tell you that I've only been disappointed up until now. Dumplings in the Triangle are too expensive for the number of dumplings you get (in true American fashion, they're treated as a gourmet appetizer, rather than the down-home main course that they should be), and, in most cases, are either prepackaged/frozen or made by people who don't really know an authentic Chinese dumpling. At Chirba Chirba, you get a decent number of dumplings for the price, a filling that's as good as many you'd find in China, and a succulent skin. They offer proper Chinese vinegar for sauce, and even get adventurous with an optional Pineapple salsa, which melds perfectly with their dumpling. And yes, vegetarians delight, their veggie dumpling is unbelievable and stands on its own - made by people who understand that a veggie dumpling can be every bit as satisfying as a pork dumpling, when made right.
They even let me know that they're working on a veggie version of their soup dumpling - I can't wait.

If you're a fan of authentic Chinese dumplings, Go support these folks. You won't be disappointed.

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  1. Had some Chirba Chirba dumplings at the Raleigh food truck event last month and agree they were very good. I lived in NY for 15 years where I frequently went to Chinatown for dim sum and think I can appreciate good dumplings when I taste them. Can't imagine there aren't any other good ones to be had in this area (have only lived here a brief time). Any suggestions?

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      Hi Norman, I haven't had any other dumplings in the area that I would recommend. There is plenty of good food in the Triangle area (I'm saying this having lived in the SF/Bay Area), however Chinese is not well-represented.

      1. re: zenxing

        That's not entirely true. There are many threads on this board going into fine detail about a number of traditional Chinese restaurants in this area. Super Wok, Asian Grill, and Gourmet Kingdom come to mind immediately. We have fewer Chinese restaurants here than there are in SF for the very simple reason that there are both fewer Chinese people and people in general than there are in SF.

        No, the selection and perhaps quality of the Chinese restaurants here is not the same as NYC, SF, or even DC, but for an area like ours it's pretty d****d good.

        Btw, I do like Chirba Chirba (although the pork-edamame dumplings don't really do it for me) but I'm positively in love with the dumplings with hot chili oi from Super Wok. And Asian Grill has XLB, too.

        Gourmet Kingdom
        301 E Main St, Carrboro, NC 27510

        1. re: rockycat

          Being a huge dumplings fan, I look forward to tracking down chirba chirba. That being said, I agree with rocky cat on super wok. Their dumplings, and food in general, are great representations of Chinese cuisine. I'd be suspicious of anyone who doesn't think so.