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Nov 26, 2011 01:10 AM

Mince Pie [split from UK board]

My go-to recipe for mince pies is the Nigella one which also has orange juice in the pastry, which makes it very easy to work with. I am feeling smug as my friend gave me some quinces from her garden so I made "quincemeat" this year. I have four large jars of it so I need to start making mince pies (not until 1st December though, them's the rules).

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  1. Quinces, eh? Get you!

    I've got a freezer jammed with apple thingies after a friend gave us a couple of carrier bags of whta I think are Bramleys.

    Mrs H made the Xmas cake (Delia recipe) last week (as it was Stir Up Sunday). And, speaking of St Delia, I'm just about to make her braised steak with posh mushrooms (or at least, soemthing similar to it. It'll go in the freezer for Boxing Day. Got the posh mushrooms (blewits and picked yesterday porcini) from Bakewell Farmers Market this morning, along with the beef.

    I'll be needing a trip to the Cheshire Smokehouse at Mobberley in the next few days to stock up on goodies.

    My quest, as ever unfullfilled so far, is to find a better pickled walnut than the Opie ones you get in the supermarket. I used to stock up from a farm shop near Evesham where they did their own but, last time I was down that way earlier in the year, the place had either closed or I'd forgotten where it was.

    1. What else is in quincemeat? I have had quince jelly and paste before, but no quincemeat. Sounds v. interesting.

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        Off the top of my head, raisins, sultanas, candied peel, spices, dried apricots, booze, suet. Mincemeat basically but with quince replacing the apples.