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Nov 27, 2011 11:01 AM

Best Chinese in Hightstown/East Windsor area?

We've been loyal Hunan Wok fans for several years, but it seems that the quality there is slipping a little bit. Any recommendations of other places we can try? The other places I've been to are Holy Wong, which sucked, and the place in the same stripmall as the Blockbuster's/Staples on Route 130, which is good but expensive, if I remember correctly.

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  1. There isn't a Chinese restaurant in the strip mall with the Staples. There is a Sushi King though.

    Don't bother with Hunan House in the strip mall across from the Americana Diner.

    There is nothing around here as far as I can tell, though I may give Hunan Wok a try.

    Americana Diner
    , Belvidere, NJ 07823

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    1. re: ieee488

      Ah, you're right, I was thinking of Hunan House. We've eaten-in there and it was pretty good, I thought, but you're saying the take-out is a no-go?

      So what would you recommend in the general area? Anything? Bueller?

      1. re: wereboar

        Lotus Garden in Plainsboro is better than average, and Szechuan House in Hamilton is really good, especially if you are into spicy.

        Szechuan House
        2022 Nottingham Way, Trenton, NJ 08619

        Lotus Garden
        10 Schalks Crossing Rd Ste 23, Plainsboro, NJ 08536

        1. re: wereboar

          I have been in the East Windsor area about 6 months and haven't eaten at a sitdown restaurant in the area much.

          Yes, I gave Hunan House two chances both with take-out and it was mediocre. I can't imagine the food is any different in eating in.

          Been to the Americana Diner. Liked it a lot.

          Been to the Prestige Diner twice; so-so.

          Perkins is so-so.

          I personally wish that Charlie Brown's was still open. I like prime rib steak. What can I say?

          Pizza I go to Cranbury. I should give Sabrina Pizza in the Staples shopping center a try though. Who knows? It may impress me.

          And for Chinese I go to Edison. Up the Turnpike. Except for dim sum is at Sunny Palace in East Brunswick.

          1. re: ieee488

            We usually go with either Little Szechuan off of Old Trenton Road or First Wok in West Windsor, in the Southfield Plaza (near McCaffrey's). I am not big on the "storefront" places, usually could use an overhaul.

            First Wok
            2608 Paterson Plank Rd, North Bergen, NJ 07047

            Little Szechuan
            2025 Old Trenton Rd Ste 15, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550

            1. re: jethro

              Drove by and Little Szechuan is now Hong Kong ---------didn't see the last word. It said Asian food, not Chinese. What gives?

              1. re: jethro

                We've been there twice since the changeover. It's Chinese but they also have some Thai dishes. The waitress said the chef is HK Chinese but has worked in Thailand.

                The menu has some Chinese-American standards, but also some real HK-style dishes and the aforementioned Thai dishes. Everything we've had has been quite good. Standouts include Pea Leaves sautéed with Garlic, Pad Se Yi (Thai-Style Chow Fun). The "specials" menu has some great authentic Chinese dishes on it as well.

            2. re: ieee488

              If you like prime rib you might look into Teddy's on Main St Cranbury . They have live music a couple of times a month and a prime rib special on those nights .

          2. re: ieee488

            if you are looking for a good chinese place try the one on rt 18 East brunswick in the shop rite shopping center. its right next to one of those buffet places. great prices. great food. like the old time cantonese chinese with the metal domed serving dishes. egg rolls are the best not greasy and soup won ton is to die for. hubby and i went had two combo plates of spare ribs. cost us $27 thats also with soup. another good one is in Milltown this is take out. right next to acme off Ryders Lane. lots of food and good prices. always have enough for two days .

            1. re: makeupmaven53

              Love the place in East Brunswick in the Shop Rite/Sports Authority shopping center (AKA Mid State Mall)

              1. re: marfoodie

                That would be Golden East. The place on Ryders Lane next to Acme is China One. Golden East I like, great garlic sauce. China One I do not, however my family does. The portions are big, but mostly vegetables/broccoli.


            Hands down the best chinese food in the area. I have lived the past 10 years in Cranbury and west windsor. Peking Pavillion is located on rt 33 right near the freehold mall (about 5 minutes from). A little pricey but well worth it....

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            1. re: MonroeFoodie

              Uh, first off, heading out to Manalapan to go to Peking Pavilion to take Chinese take-out is pretty ridiculous. Second, I've been there and I was very far from impressed. I read articles in the Asbury Park Press about how it burned down and was rebuilt, and someone was quoted as saying the sesame chicken there was to die for. So when PP was rebuilt my wife and I went there and I ordered the sesame chicken. I was shocked - it was bland and uninspiring. Plus the layout of the place was very strange, allowing for a lot of noise, and the service sucked. Can't say I'm in any rush to go back there, and it was expensive to boot!

              1. re: wereboar

                ridiculous to go to Manalapan???? What are you talking about? The original poster says they have been using Hunan Wok which is located by the McDonalds on rt 130. Peking Pavillion is no more than a 12-15 minute ride from there. And the title was the Hightstown area, Peking Paviilion is right down rt 33 from downtown Hightstown a 10 minute ride at most. If that is ridiculous then they really have few choices other than Hunan Wok as I can't imagine how many other chinese places are less than 12-15 minutes away.

                Now on to your second point, "far from impressed" with Peking Pavillion, well I would love to hear about a local chinese food take-out that impressed you cause it must be spectacular and I would love to try please enlighten us and tell us where you go for your chinese take-out..... as I have stated we love Chinese and eat it 2-3 times a month so please let us know about this great place in this area, because I have found none that compare to Peking Pavillion.

                1. re: MonroeFoodie

                  Got take out at the peking pavilion, got home tasted it , and through it in the GARBAGE

                2. re: wereboar

                  I think you should give it another shot because it is the best Chinese place in the area

              2. Shanghai Park in Princeton is your best bet. Way-above-average authentic food in a strip mall on Harrison Street. A bit pricey (like the rest of Princeton). For what it's worth, there always seems to be a large number of Asians dining here when we go. Service is a bit lacking, but food makes up for it. If you're looking for the best in the area, this is pretty much it. Below is a link to reviews (that seem to buttress my case) and directions/map. Make sure you read the reviews, as some even tell you what to order. Enjoy!


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                1. re: stmarie

                  I have been to the Shanghai Park in Highland Park when I used to live in North Brunswick, so it is a solid choice, but Princeton is easily 30 minutes from East Windsor. If I am going to drive there, I might as well take the Turnpike up to Edison.

                  I'll have to give Peking Pavilion a try, but they are easily 50% more than Chinese restaurants in Edison.

                  1. re: ieee488

                    I might be wrong but I always have the impression that Peking Pavilion is more or less like a PF Chang. It must be doing something right though. The parking lot is always went I drive by there.

                    1. re: yCf

                      @ieee488 try it and please come back and give us your review I don't think you'll be disappointed. I would recommend tyo eat there if you can as you can get takeout but me and my wife always usually eat there.

                      @yCf if you are comparing it to PF Chang's, you obviously have never eaten there. They aren't even on the same level.... try it and then come back and tell us what you think

                      A few items that my wife and myself love and I would suggest....

                      Filet Mingon Eggrolls! Order one...Nah, order two, and another couple for your friends...Such a great idea..Ive never seen them before, but they are awesome.

                      Pork Dumplings are a must the sauce is amazing!

                      The jumbo sesame shrimp (the biggest shrimp I have ever seen)!

                      Chicken and Broccoli is the best I have tasted!

                      My wife loves the sweat and sour chicken which is a tad different from the local take out as it is served in a half of pineapple and isn't servered with the sauce on the side. And not deep fried and greasy like the local take out joints.

                      Lastly DESSERT, the AMAZING banana flambé with coconut ice cream is a must...

                      1. re: MonroeFoodie

                        Its been a long while since my last visit to Peking Pavilion, but I was always partial to the Chung King Beef (filet mignon medalions over spinach).

                        1. re: MonroeFoodie

                          By comparing to PF Chang, I was trying to say don't expect Authentic Chinese like what you get in West Lake or Shanghai Bun or Wonder Seafood in Edison.

                          1. re: MonroeFoodie

                            got takeout at the peking pavilion, came home, tasted it and threw it in the garbage.

                            pf changs is class compared to this ripoff joint

                    2. The original comment has been removed
                      1. I walked past the Chinese buffet place in the Shoprite shopping center yesterday. I have never been there through any of its resurrections but I must say that looking through the window the place seemed quite busy and filled with a lot of Asian people eating. I have frequently followed the "eat Chinese food in the places you see the Chinese people eating". Maybe this is one to try?

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                        1. re: Nursemegg

                          Same here Nursemegg. I haven't tried it, but pass it almost daily. My neighbors say it is worth a try, so I am going to go this week hopefully? I will let you know, or you can meet me there! Seems you know all of the places I know. It did have quite a few restaurants before it in that spot.

                          1. re: jethro

                            That buffet isn't very good. Yes, a lot of asian people go there, but that's because it's cheap and they usually offer coupons in the local Chinese language papers and magazines.

                            1. re: azkaevolution

                              I have been to the buffet near Shop Rite (Silver Spoon Buffet) several times since I have moved into the East Windsor area.

                              Dinners on Mondays - Thursdays started at $8.99 but then they raised it to $9.99 because they started including crab legs. Now it is $11.99 which is cheaper than the Super Star East Buffet in Lawrenceville, but more expensive than China Star Buffet in Dayton. They have fewer selections than Super Start East but more than China Star, so the price is about right.

                              Their selection of fresh fruits is very good.

                              Their other dishes are about similar quality as other buffets.

                              1. re: ieee488

                                always find coupons for china star in Dayton. good when you want a quick meal of chinese. get the coupons in the mailer envelope.
                                bottomless drinks too. free refills

                                1. re: makeupmaven53

                                  I like China Star. I wish it was closer to me.

                                  Silver Spoon Buffet next to ShopRite in East Windsor have raised prices to $12.49 for dinner M-Th. Overpriced in my opinion.