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Nov 27, 2011 08:52 AM

Does a good kosher bakery exist anywhere in the Del Val?

Having someone to dinner who is "sort of" kosher, ie: she'll eat dairy before meat, but not the other way around. Fish would be an obvious main, but I want to make a beef tenderloin. Not sure if it's even kosher, but she will eat it. Other than berries marinated in a liquor, I'd like to have a nice dessert that isn't dairy but is still good. I don't really bake. I know of one in the NE, but it is far from gourmet.

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  1. Since it sounds like your friend isn't hung up on Kosher certification, just the dairy, you don't really need a Kosher bakery, just a dairy-free or vegan dessert. Eggs don't count as dairy for kashrut, either, so that might make things easier if you expand your search or decide to cook. Also, not all Kosher bakeries are pareve (dairy free) so you need to pay attention to that.

    However there is a very good Kosher-certified pareve bakery in the city:
    Homemade Goodies by Roz, 510 S. 5th St.

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      Thanks barryg. I'm going to have a look.

    2. Classic Cake Bakery
      480 East Evesham Rd
      Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
      (856) 751-5448

      The bakery is under the supervision of the Cherry-K Vaad, Rav Ephraim Epstein, Rav Hamachsir. Excellent upscale products including artisan breads, pastries, etc.

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        It's a dairy bakery--if you go make sure to request a pareve option. Much (most?) of their menu can't be served after meat.

      2. I hae become a recent fan of the Narberth Acme, which has an excellent Kosher bakery dept.
        Not high gourmet perhaps, but a lot of nice parve choices. I had the very nice cupcakes, a parve pumpkin pie, and a Jewish apple cake, all of which found favor with our family.

        You can also buy Kosher meat here--looked liked good quality to me. Berries marinated in liquor sounds like a super dessert btw. On thinking of this, fish might be a safer main course than beef.

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          I agree about the fish. Beef tenderloin is definitely not kosher!

        2. I MUST secondf BArry's suggestiona dn URGE you to check out what oz has to offer! Her baked goods are to die for. She does the most amazing things with parve ingrtediants. Her apple cake is moist and full of fruit and the best I have ever eatten! Do try one!

          1. There's one on Haverford Avenue just off of City Line Avenue. Here's the info:

            Best Cake Kosher Bakery
            7594 Haverford Ave, Phila, PA 19151
            (215) 878-1127