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Nov 27, 2011 05:51 AM


Last night a friend brought over cupcakes from Tootsie's in Wakefield. Wow!. Red velvet, I would say theirs are the best or next to best in the Boston area. The golden cake with chocolate frosting was great. The chocolate cake with white icing was voted worst of the batch by me but was liked by my spouse and the friend. Then there was a chocolate and coconut that I passed on but the other two liked a lot. This morning I had the coffee cake cupcake for breakfast, I would skip this one in the future and just have a real coffee role. The last one to eat is the pumpkin. Maybe I'll get to it for lunch.

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  1. yum, sounds good. I'll have to have one next time I'm in town!

    1. Thanks for the tip. I drive by there a lot but didn't realize that Tootsie's had cupcakes.

      They offer three everyday flavors (chocolate, red velvet, and vanilla) and a rotation of one or more specialty flavors.

      I stopped in the other day and tried two of their specialty flavors: chocolate-banana cupcake with nutella frosting, and pumpkin cupcake with cream cheese frosting. (They also had an apple-walnut cupcake that looked beautiful but I'm not that into walnuts). I really liked the flavor of the choc-banana cake, there was a nice balance of the two flavors. The banana got overwhelmed with by the Nutella, though, when I took a bite with the frosting. The pumpkin cupcake was flavorful but too sweet for my taste, ditto the frosting. The amount of frosting was just right on the cupcakes, IMO, and both cakes tasted like they contained real butter.

      I liked that the cupcakes are "regular" sized, i.e. a standard muffin tin. Their menu says that mini and jumbo sizes are available by special order.

      The people working there were very, very nice. When I asked what flavored coffees they had theat day, they offered to make up a pot of the flavor of my choice. One of the ladies was frosting sugar cookies; she had a broken one and gave it to my son for free. (I snuck a taste: it was a pretty good sugar cookie).

      They also have a "cupcake bar" where you choose a cupcake, frosting and three different toppings. The toppings are mixed into the frosting for you to add to the cupcake yourself, as you desire. I'm thinking that would be great for my kids: they could eat the frosting and Mama gets the cupcake ;-)