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Nov 27, 2011 05:40 AM

best pita bread in Dallas supermarkets or bakeries?

We're looking for a market or bakery that sells delicious pita bread, preferably inside the 635 loop. Pita, at least the high-quality kind, doesn't seem to be a staple in supermarkets.


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  1. Try Izmir Deli on Greenville. You can get just packages of pita or you can order a hot sandwich and eat it at the counter. They have excellent pita bread and I like their hummus and sometimes their eggplant dip. (they also deliver to some areas).

    Izmir Deli
    3609 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

    1. I agree...Izmir has the best pita bread.

      1. The other option if you want Greek style soft Pita is just make your own. It's pretty much the same recipe as pizza dough just don't bake it through. Then fry it with some olive oil. Depends of course if you are looking for the pockets or just Greek style soft pita.

        1. Sara bakery, by far has the best pita bread. I like Izmir, but I don't think they make their own.

          1. Sara Bakery and World Food Warehouse (Floyd Circle behind TI) are the only two places I visit to get pita. Both normally have it still warm from the ovens. I go to Sara if all I'm looking for is pita. World Food Warehouse if I'm buying a lot of different Middle Eastern food stuffs as well.

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              World Food Warehouse is a "hidden gem" for foods of the Middle East.

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                Pita is cherished by all. What Nonna, Italian restaurant, serves in Dallas, is essentially pita bread.