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Nov 27, 2011 01:28 AM

de Buyer or Scanpan - moved from Greater Seattle board

My 10" and 12" non-stick skillets need replacing. I purchased the Scanpan Professional line at Sur La Table the other night for the great deal they had on 2 pans, the fact the pans are made in Denmark, and it sounds like they will last a couple decades. I then did some more research and found the deBuyer line which is carbon steele. It sounds like they have great non-stick qualities (once seasoned), are made in France, and are by far less expensive. Are they as great as they sound or should I stick with my Scanpan? I also wonder about their weight. The Scanpan didn't seem heavy which I liked as well. My other cookware is AC and LC (dutch ovens). Not sold on the AC non-stick as I feel it will break down sooner than the Scanpan or deBuyer. Would appreciate any knowledge/opinion between the two.

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  1. The de Buyer is heavy. I have the grilling pan, and it's not something I want to pick up with one hand to flip the contents, like professional cooks do. I don't do that with a grilling pan, so I like it fine. Small pans are ok. For crêpes, the plain steel one is the only way to go. It's easy to flip a crêpe with one. I'm not planning to get a de Buyer skillet, but there are those who love them.

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      Thank you! Saying that deBuyer is heavy was just about enough for me. Before settling on AC for my main skillets I looked at other brands including Demeyere. The moment I picked up a decent sized Demeyere pan I knew I was going to have a love/hate relationship with it due to it's weight. Sounds like I would have the same the issue with deBuyer, however, I will keep in mind that it is good for a crepe pan though.

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        I just looked up the weight on mine. My 10" Mineral B grilling pan is about 3 lbs. The 12" is over 5 lbs! I'm glad I have the smaller one. The same size in the plain frying pan is actually heavier — about 4 lbs. The 12" Mineral B frying pan is almost 6 lbs.

    2. For a de Buyer Mineral 10" fry pan 4.29 lbs, Scanpan IQ 10 1/4" weighs 2 lbs.6 oz.. The Mineral pan is around half the cost of the Scanpan.

      A good thread on the de Buyer carbon steel pans:

      1. Different cookware. You can think of a Scanpan as a higher quality Teflon (PTFE) cookware. The nonstick material is embedded and protected by a surface of ceramic. So it has more resistance against scratches. However, it sill has the same temperature limitation as any other Teflon cookware.

        DeBuyer carbon steel pans are carbon steel pans -- and they won't be too different than other carbon steel pans really. They do come with different thickness. The ones people talk about the most (Carbone Plus, Mineral, and Mineral B) are the thickest.

        Force Blue line from DeBuyer is ligther and thinner, and La Lyonnaise is the lightest. However, it is very difficult to find La Lyonnaise.

        If you have positive experience with Scanpan and do not anticipate cooking at very high temperature, then you may want to stick with Scanpan.

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          Scanpan has a new line, which can be taken to 500 PFOA free, and has various other "improvements"

          here's the link...

          1. re: ChowFun_derek

            True. The new Scanpan applies PTFE (better known as Teflon to the public) on the cookware with PFOA. That being said, most nonstick cookware has very low level PFOA and I am certainly not one of those believe Teflon/PTFE is dangerous. I just want to point out that Scanpan's nonstick ability comes from PTFE. Since Scanpan uses PTFE, then it is limited by the property of PTFE. A DeBuyer carbon steel can be heated to a higher temperature.

            Here is a FAQ section from scanpan:

            "PTFE (short for polytetrafluoroethylene) is the base compound for any and all nonstick coatings. PTFE provides the food release. The SCANPAN formula works with the patented ceramic titanium surface construction to provide long lasting nonstick performance. This PTFE is safe to use for food preparation and is FDA approved. Only if the pan is accidentally overheated or cooked dry could temperatures be reached that may cause the PTFE portion to break down and emit fumes that have been known to be harmful to exotic birds, due to their extra sensitive respiratory system (they would, for instance, be harmed by burnt butter fumes, as well). It is a good idea to keep birds away from the kitchen!"


            *Edited: I am agreeing with you. The new Scanpan looks more durable. I just want to clarify that Scanpan major component, just in case some confusions.

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            Agreed. I own a piece of Scanpan Classic, and it is basically a very nice Teflon type skillet. If you use it on higher than medium heat, your pan will deteriorate and will not last. There are some other Scanpan lines though, that probably have different properties. While I think the Scanpan is a nice weight and is nicely balanced in the hand, I am not sure it performs better than my discounted Cuisinart 8" skillet that is almost as well balanced, and was inexpensive. I've come round to the idea that non-stick pans will eventually have to be replaced. Dishwashing, high heat and metal cooking tools are not good for them.

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              Thought I would post that I decided to go ahead and stick with the Scanpan. Hearing deBuyer was heavy combined with the fact that I don't plan to cook with it at high temperatures, I went ahead and broke it out to cook for company today. Admittedly, I was very happy with the cooking results, overall function, and weight. Still, in the end I agree - it's just a really nice teflon pan. The construction of it seems very good though which was important to me and ultimately I think I made the right decision as the pans are covering the purposes of which I bought them with the qualities I was seeking. Thanks for helping me solidify my decision everyone.