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Nov 26, 2011 08:14 PM

Can you make a pot roast with boneless chuck steak?

I made a pot roast once with a chuck roast, but now I have two much thinner slices of chuck steak and I'm not sure how to cook them. Are they too thin for pot roast? Can I tie them up or something to make it a thicker roast? What else can I make with them?

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  1. I picked up a couple that were well marbled. Cut then into pieces the size or boneless short ribs and cooked accordingly. Came out fine

    1. You can make a great beef stew, beef curry, braised beef and tomato sauce--you just can make a "roast."

      1. They'll work as pot roast. Just sear each one individually and braise as you normally would. It'll just take less time.

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          They make great pot roast, maybe not so great from the cardiologist's point of view, but because pot roasting is really more like braising than true dry roasting, it works with chuck of any thickness. The thickness influences the cooking time but should not be a problem with the final product, flavor-wise or texture-wise.