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Nov 26, 2011 06:54 PM

Pareve Mashed Potatoes with Onion, Garlic, Organic Soy Milk, & Tofutti Cream Cheese

I made the best mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving, using a tip I read on this board months ago. While I can't locate that post now (of course) in it, someone wrote that they use Tofutti Pareve Cream Cheese in their mashed potatoes. Well, we tried it, and it was great.

Everyone agreed that the mashed potatoes were the best, better than usual. So "THANK YOU" to all of you!

We used Yukon Gold pealed potatoes, fried onions and some garlic in olive oil and added this to the potatoes, mashed them, added Shoprite Organic Soy Milk and half a small tub of Tofutti Pareve Cream Cheese. Then, added salt, pepper, and some paprika (paprika gets added to all potatoes I make, in tribute to my grandma). A little bit of hot water too to get the right consistency.

Definitely "creamier" tasting. We have some leftovers, and I'm hoping the potatoes will outlast the turkey, because I'd like to turn some of the potatoes into "croquettes" or "latke-like potatoes".

Thank you again to whoever came up with the idea of adding the pareve cream cheese.

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  1. If you like Sephardic dishes you only need a 1/4 of a cup for Gomo de Carne for Turkish Borekas and only 1/3 of cup for Portugese Impenadas!

    1. I have had very good results using duck or chicken fat, better than with margarine. I also think browning onions is a wonderful addition. Duck fat isn't parve, but if you're serving it with turkey...

      1. UnitedStateOfTexas, I think maybe you mean Gomo de Queso Borekas, because I didn't think Gomo de Carne has potatoes, only meat ? But I apologize because my knowledge of Sephardic cooking is extremely limited. Ashkenazi on all sides I'm afraid!

        I agree AdinaA, the fried onions with some garlic really make potatoes wonderful. I never tried duck or chicken fat but I just know they would be terrific. Grandparents used to cook that way, until everyone became "health conscious" and worried about cholesterol. Not that these potatoes are healthy in any way! But we assume that animal fat might be worse than the chemicals that are in pareve margine. I imagine that this is debate-able, but we can all live in our delirium if we want! I want to live in a world where these potatoes are healthy...

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          Sorry to say, there is not really any debate about it, the trans fats from the hydrogenated oil in regular Tufutti cream cheese are much worse for your health than any natural animal fats (this is why it's illegal to serve trans fats in many cities). They do have a non-hydroginated variety of the cream cheese though.

          1. re: barryg

            There certainly is much debate about it. The evidence that trans fats are bad for you rests on the work of one person! Every single study that reaches this conclusion either lists him as an author, or cites one of his studies as an authority.

          2. re: barbgail61

            No taters in queso. Gomo de Carne ingredients:
            3 TBS Olive Oil
            1 onion
            1 clove garlic
            1 lb ground beef
            1/4 cup cold cooked rice or mashed taters
            1/2 tsp cinnamon
            1/4 tsp ground cloves
            Salt & pepper to taste

            btw, I looked at the butter flavored Crisco and it is pareve. They also have butter flavored crisco in the form of a stick of butter for easy measuring for baking. That way I don't need to buy a huge can that is rarely used!

          3. Thanks again to all. Very informative. I appreciate all your input. I will look for non-hydrogenated version of pareve cream cheese. Also, the recipe for Gomo de Carne sounds really good, so the next time there are potatoes leftover I'll give it a try, specially with the cinnamon. Sounds very interesting.