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Nov 26, 2011 06:23 PM

ISO vegetarian restaurants for lunch & dinner around Kings Cross Station

This hound from Toronto will be meeting up with an old friend coming in on the train a week from Monday. Neither one of us are familiar with the area so any suggestions for a lunch and a dinner place with vegetarian options would be greatly appreciated. Somewhere we can have a leisurely meal would be ideal or any recs for a cafe where they won't mind having us for a few hours. Many thanks in advance!

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  1. For dinner (they no longer offer lunch) best vegetarian/vegan place in the area I know is Itadaki Zen

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      thanks! Will definitely consider it as an option.

    2. On Drummond Street near Euston Station you'll find a lot of Indian Restaurants. I have tried a couple and they're ok if not brilliant.
      A bit more upmarket is Acorn House which tries to source food from withing M25 - I think I am right about this. Anyone been - vegetarian option good? etc...

      Acorn House
      69 Swinton Street, London WC1X 9NT, GB

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        Acorn House looks interesting. Is there a website with their menu online?

        Acorn House
        69 Swinton Street, London WC1X 9NT, GB

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          I was in the area the other day and it looked like it was closed down. Not sure if it was for renovations or for good. The website is not up, so I'm assuming the latter.


      2. There are some decent, vegetarian-friendly ethiopian places fairly nearby. I've only tried marathon, and my vegetarian friends and I were pretty pleased with it.

        1. We ended up having lunch at Nopi and dinner at Beatroot. Nopi was fantastic, will definitely return the next time we're in town. Highlights were the coleslaw/macadamia/mango, cauliflower/ricotta/raisins/capers and pumpkin/chard/manouri tart for my friend & scallops/fennel/apple salsa, broccolini/skordalia/chili oil and pork belly/cassoulet/salsa verde for me. Highly recommend the 15 min walk from Kings Cross to get there!