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Nov 26, 2011 04:59 PM

wine pairing for alaskan king crab with drawn butter

just got a box of alaskan king crab wholesale :)

I have:

savary chablis 08 x2
savary chablis premier cru 08
sonoma cutrer chardonnay

Also if anyone has a better pairing in that same price range of wines im all for it

I split half of a 20 pound box with a friend so there is plenty left to go around

Also if anyone has a good sparkling wine for this that would be great
I like schramsburg blanc de blancs a lot and would be interested in trying more of their line - they seem to be very reasonable for the quality - but i am open to suggestions of other tries


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  1. If limited to your optins, the Sonoma Cutrer. If you are looking for other options, I'd go non-Chablis White Burgundy.

    I'd stick with still wines rather than sparkling for this pairing, especially if you are constraining yourself to wines in the price range of Schramsburg.

    1. Oh God I want to join this Party. How about Jean Milan Blanc de Blanc Brut Champagne-soft brioche flavors and amazing refeshing citrus note $40
      Condrieu from the BEST George Vernay -amazing stonefruit and long minerality-bone dry $60
      wanna go a little cheaper? Try a combo of white and sparkling Txakoli-its a white wine from Basque region in spain,its floral , crisp, vibrant and has a wonderful green apple flavor and is a little bubbly.CHEERS
      Txamonin Etxaniz Txakoli de Guetaria 2009 $18

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        thanks for those ideas the txakoli sounds very interesting

        is that a specialty order or are they something in can track down at total wine or bevmo

      2. Ok, I live in Alaska, LOVE King Crab and am faced with this decision often. If you prefer a drier wine, I think a 2009 Domaine Drouhin Chardonnay (Oregon) works well, but in general a drier Riesling or sweeter Chardonnay of moderate acidity accentuates the sweetness of the crab and moderates the saltiness and richness of the butter, IMO.

        I haven't yet found a red that doesn't overpower the delicate sweetness of the crab but I am sure it exists!

        However, my favorite pairing is "out of the box" for most wine lovers: A slightly dry PLUM wine (especially Choya) is the best pairing, even though most people who pair wine with food would never be interested in fruit wine, but I encourage you to try it since you have so much crab to experiment with. I also enjoy King crab legs with sake.

        Best of luck :-) Remember that King Crab has a different flavor profile from other crab so this list would not necessarily apply to snow crab, Dungeness or other crab.

        1. What I'm suggesting might surprise you?! Skip the wine and go with a British Shandy! In my case a Lager with a bit of 7-Up. I had this combo when I was working with an oil company years ago. Me and a few colleagues of mine boiled a few 'live' huge 10+ pounders in seawater in an oil barrel on the heli-deck of an oil rig anchored in Anchorage!! Teared the legs off and ate them there and then. Sweetness of the leg meat paired great with the slightly sweet beer combo!! Those were the days!!!

          1. I love Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay with crab. That sounds delicious to me. ;-D