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Nov 26, 2011 04:56 PM

Freezing Stuffing?

Does anyone know if stuffing freezes well? We have a ton of leftovers and think the stuffing will outlive the turkey (at least before I get creative with turkey leftovers). It really was delicious and would love to save for 1 or 2 meals in the future

(FWIW, it was an apple, sausage and herb stuffing)

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  1. I've frozen stuffing many times - a nice treat to be able to pull out. It tends to dry out , so I usually sprinkle with a little water or broth and cover so that it will steam a bit. Once it's heated and hydrated, you can uncover to crisp the top.

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    1. re: janeh

      Right, keep it a bit moist before freezing. And if you have a foodsaver, even better, as you won't get freezer burn (but hit the stop button as soon as it starts to compress, or you'll smoosh it too much.

      1. re: sbp

        Thanks for the tips. SBP, on another note do you get a lot of use out of your foodsaver?

        1. re: swfood

          Yes. Use it very often. Any meat for the freezer. Sauces (freeze first, then foodsaver when frozen). Nuts. Cheese (I know, it is supposed to breathe and age, but I don't eat it often enough and it goes bad if I don't vacuum). Ginger. Kaffir Lime leaves, lemongrass. I also have a mason jar attachment, so when I make baba ganoush, it keeps for a week. Guacamole lasts longer too.

    2. I freeze stuffing in quart size freezer bags and use it later to line a quiche pan so that the stuffing becomes the crust. It is really yummy. Highly recommend it.

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        Ooooh......I'll have to try that!

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          what about stuffing that was prepared but never cooked ? should I bake it FIRST and then freeze it when cold? or can I just wet it with the broth and freeze it in the bags, as you said ?

          1. re: Mamanina

            I would bake first, cool to room temp or cooler in the fridge and then freeze. You may want to make individual or 2-4 seving sized portions before freezing