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Nov 26, 2011 03:54 PM

Great spot in the Hudson Valley (Orange County) - Christopher's Bistro

They opened in January, but I finally just got around to checking them out for myself. After a bunch of recommendations I made my way over to Christopher's Bistro in Chester, NY.

GREAT selection of beers on tap and in house, fresh menu that changes with the seasons. Really excellent flavors and options. Orange County needed a place like this. I definitely suggest everyone checks it out.

I have lurked on this site for years, but finally made an account just to let everyone know to check out this spot. Anyone else have an experiences to share?

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  1. I ate here a couple of months ago. They had a great selection of about 10 craft brews on tap (Rouge, Dogfish Head, etc.) I heard that Chris is a grad of C.I.A. Whatever the case he certainly shows a lot of creativity and care in his food. Service was good and the decor is new, kind of dark and tavern like inside. Not a high end place for a date but good to take the kids or for a casual dinner.