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Looking for small private dining room near Delta Chelsea

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Looking for a private dining room that is suitable for business discussions and dining walking distance from the Delta Chelsea hotel. 4 people only. Any budget and cuisine will do. Currently the only option I can think of is the port room at Adega on Elm. It's for Sunday night.

33 Elm Street, Toronto, ON M5G 1H1, CA

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  1. Barberians on Elm has a private wine cellar available - http://www.barberians.com/contact.php

    7 Elm St, Toronto, ON M5G1H1, CA

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      The cellar is a popular spot but there are also small rooms available upstairs at Barberians.

      7 Elm St, Toronto, ON M5G1H1, CA

    2. If, indeed, it's any budget, you could also consider the Clipper Room at The Carlu with catering. It's a lovely, intimate space and a well-considered list of preferred suppliers.