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Nov 26, 2011 03:09 PM

Looking for a restaurant between Amhearst and Boston

Will be coming back from a day in Amherst nest week. Where is a good place to stop and have dinner for two. Nothing too fancy or expensive, any style or nationality would do as long as there are veggie options. Thanks.

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  1. Armsby Abbey in Worcester is a wonderful little bar and restaurant serving an incredible selection of Belgian ales and terrific farm to table food. The 2 times I've been there, I ate both meat and vegetarian dishes and everything is top quality, locally harvested food. Fantastic selection of local meats and cheesed to make your own chacuterie plate. Definitely worth stop on the way home. If I find myself anywhere near the place again, I'm going to make a detour. Reasonably priced but some of the beers can be expensive.

    Armsby Abbey
    144 Main Street, Worcester, MA

    1. it aint fancy, but if you are looking for some of the best barbeque in the boston area, B.T.'s Smokehouse, just off the pike in Sturbridge is a solid contender.

      B.T.'s Smokehouse
      Sturbridge, MA, Sturbridge, MA

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        BT Smokehouse is worth a stop. However it does not offer many veggie options. Check the website to see if they grill vegetables.

        My regular commute is on the Pike. There are not that many decent food options conveniently easy-off easy-on. The food court at Wegman's in Northboro does offer almost infinite choices at about $9.00 per pound. Many veggies are to be found there. The best single dish I have eaten there is rogan jhosh, Indian lamb curry.

        Unfortunately it is even further off the Pike than the Armsby Abbey. And it is not a particularly elegant place to dine.

        Armsby Abbey
        144 Main Street, Worcester, MA

        1. re: VivreManger

          Thanks for the tips. Wegman's might be the best option.

          1. re: VivreManger

            BTW - what's the best way to get there coming from the west on 90 back to Boston? Thanks

            1. re: catspercapita

              To get to Wegman's, I'd take exit 10A from the pike, and then hop on Rt. 20 East, which will bring you straight there. I think this is what google maps will tell you to do as well.

              Also, to answer the original question, it's also an option to take Rt 2 from Amherst to Boston, especially if you are really going to Cambridge, Somerville, etc.....and there are some decent places in and around Fitchburg to stop. Also, if you're interested in stopping further west than Wegman's, it might be worth re-posting this on the New England board too.

              Dave MP

              If you are wanting to stop somewhere

              1. re: Dave MP

                I have taken both the Pike and Route 2 going from the Amherst area to the Cambridge area and I have never found 2 faster. It is more scenic and it does increase dining options. Depending on the precise addresses of any itinerary, it may even be shorter, but because Route 2 has long two-lane stretches and frequent truck traffic it is not a fast road. Furthermore depending on the hour of travel, traffic through the Arlington-Cambridge-Fresh Pond stretch can become a parking lot.

                Now if speed is not a priority, a search on the Southern New England site for worthy stops in Fitchburg and points west is worth the effort. If you are coming through Greenfield I would recommend the People's Pint, both for their own brews and for their turkey burger sandwich with sweet potato fries. Since they are located in Tofu Valley they will have veggie options.

                1. re: VivreManger

                  I make this trip all the time (10+ times /yr for the past 7 years.) Usually Route 2 takes about 15 mins more, I usually go (if east bound) route 2, 95, then the Pike, as cutting through cambridge is usually worse. So usually it's not worth it, but when there's traffic, it can definitely save you some time. The main downside to route 2 isn't the extra distance, it's the 55 mph speed limit. I've gotten pulled over a few times on route 2 (somehow worse than the pike?)

                  Anyway, the only Chow worthy place I've been to is BT's but they are lacking in Veggie options. If the vegetarian is ok with eating all side dishes, then they do make some good ones there. Their mac n cheese is really good. They also have a good potato salad, black eyed peas, coleslaw, etc.

                  As for route 2, I would love to hear some specific suggestions. I think there is a Papa Razzi and a not very good looking sushi place closer to the Boston side, right off of it, but neither looks particularly good.

                  1. re: tysonmcneely

                    As a vegetarian, I would warn that many/most side dishes at BBQ joints still have meat. Most beans and greens are cooked with pork, although a few places will make a vegetarian bean dish as well. JT's dirty rice is also likely to have meat, so few options for a vegetarian. Wegman's, while not as convenient or Chowish, has alot of vegetarian entrees.