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Nov 26, 2011 01:56 PM

where to eat in El Centro and julian

I figure to go to these places on day trips and suggestions on where to eat

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Here's a recent thread on Julian. There are a few opinions.

      I don't think I've ever seen any comments about eating in El Centro on these boards. I suppose people who live there do eat, but I've no idea where.

        1. There's a few threads on El Centro on the California board.
          If you have just one meal in El Centro, trying a quesadilla especial is probably the way to go - it is one of the few (perhaps the only) true Imperial County culinary specialty. I have come to like the version at El Zarape in Imperial the best, especially with their enchilada or relleno sauce. Celia's is a good other option.
          In other threads I have mentioned a couple of places - China Palace and Exotic Thai Bistro as options for trying Mexicanized variations of Asian foods. I also learned recently that the drink to get with Asian, especially Chinese is sangria - a non alcoholic sangria flavored carbonated soda, which is something of a traditional accompaniment to Chino-Mex cuisine.
          Burgers and Beer on Imperial Avenue does some interesting variations on burgers, including grinding chillies into the patties.
          El Centro is hardly foodie central, but there are some interesting choices.

          (PS: if Chino-Mex is a politically incorrect term now, then I apologize in advance - hard to keep track these days)

          1. Here is a link to CH discussions about Chinese food in Mexicali/Calexico: