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Nov 26, 2011 01:46 PM

Abba Herring in NYC? Cost?

Anyone know where I can find Abba herring in the city in the 8 oz jars, any marinate? I called Fairway in Red Hook but their customer service is absolutely worthless. I'd prefer not to pay more than $4.00/jar as I'm looking to take mass quantities back to El Salvador with me.

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  1. Ikea in Red Hook has it. Probably the lowest prices too.

    1 Beard St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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    1. re: Pedr0

      Ikea is out of Abba nationwide. I just callled. They were unable to explain why or say when they might get more. Any other rec's?

      1 Beard St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

      1. re: lightstays

        Looks like the Baltic Sea has gotten fished out of Herring.

    2. Check with Nordic Delicacies in Bay Ridge - it's listed as $6.09/jar on their website, but sometimes things cost more for mail-order than they do in the store, I've noticed. And that said, if you're really buying "mass quantities" they might offer you a discount. Doesn't hurt to ask.

      Edit: I should note that the jars at ND are the 275gr (9.7 oz) size, the largest they make (I think) - I know they make 7oz tins and 240gr (8 oz) jars as well, so not sure if your $4 price meant a different size.

      Nordic Delicacies
      6909 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

      1. I'm fairly certain that it is sold in numerous stores in the Little Bukharia section of Forest Hills (108th St between 63rd Rd and 64th Rd.) I will check again next time I'm there. That area is dotted with small "Gastronomi" delis.

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          I checked the stores in Little Bukharia and was mistaken. They have Acme herring, not Abba herring, On the other hand, I did find Abba herring at Cheese of the World, a small gourmet shop on Austin Street in Forest Hills. I knew I had seen it somewhere in the area!

          Cheese of the World
          71-48 Austin St, Queens, NY 11375

        2. Hi lightstays (or anybody else who has seen Abba Herring around),

          Are you seeing the herring in sour cream available? For some reason, that was a Christmas tradition when I was a kid despite our family not being Swedish.

          I've seen the vinegar kind in many places but I could go on and on and on about how I can't seem to find the sour cream version—and I LOVE the sour cream version. I do, I do, I do, I do, I do.

          Mamma mia! I've looked everywhere! I don't care how much money money money I have to spend!

          Please tell me a place where I can find it. I don't want this to be my waterloo. If I can bring it for the holidays, at Christmas I'll be a dancing queen!


          Glendale is hungry...

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          1. re: Glendale is hungry

            I will stop by Cheese of the World on Saturday and let you know.

            1. re: ForestHillsFresser

              Thanks ForestHillsFresser, let us know! Yes, I'm pretty sure Abba is one of the few veritable brands that does Scandinavian herring. Acme, Wikstom's et al source their fish in Canada. The Swedish stuff just seems fresher to me.

              1. re: lightstays

                Describing something that's been pickled / cured to last until the apocalypse as "fresher" seems a bit... well, odd.

                1. re: lightstays

                  Oy! There didn't have it anymore. All they had were Canadian brands. Sorry!

                  1. re: ForestHillsFresser

                    Thanks for looking. I actually bit the bullet and went with the Blue Hill Bay brand yesterday at the New Amsterdam market in South Street Seaport. Acme was selling 26 oz jars in wine marinate for $5.00. Possibly the best deal on the face of the planet in a year in which, according to the guy from Acme, herring stocks have largely collapsed in the North Atlantic and Baltic.

              2. re: Glendale is hungry

                Gift Chalet in Auburn MA usually has Abba. Also have you checked

              3. This topic has been bugging me since you posted it as you can see from my responses. At first I thought it was the delis in Little Bukharia that carried it, then I thought it was Cheese of the World. It had to be one of those places, or so I thought, because I rarely go to a deli outside Forest Hills. I know I bought it somewhere because I brought it home and enjoyed it. Tonight, it finally hit me. I am 100% certain that I bought several jars at the Schaller & Weber store on the UES. I was so excited that I figured it out, finally, I was ready to run there tonight, but I suspect they wont be open until Monday.

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                1. re: ForestHillsFresser

                  I'm glad the quarry has been located. I'll pay a visit next time I'm on the UES.

                  The family and I have just boiled fingerlings, brussel sprouts and rutabaga with generous bits of the Blue Hill Bay version on top. Salted and peppered with a little horseradish on the side. A fine Christmas morning.