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Nov 26, 2011 09:15 AM

Lola's Commissary is now Lola's Kitchen

Just came back from another great brunch at Lola's, which apparently is now Lola's Kitchen. I don't know if there was another change in management or if they just decided that too many people had no idea what a commissary was. :)

Anyway, there have been some changes to the menu -- a few new items (a croque Lola, brunch bowl, brunch burger) and an update (for the better) to the egg rancheros, but most of the old favourites are still there. And fortunately, the friendly staff, great coffee and food quality are still the same.

So for anyone looking for a nice place for brunch that manages to be both carnivore- and veg-friendly, takes reservations (what a concept) and has great food and service, Lola's Kitchen is a good option. They open at 10 on Saturday and Sunday.

Lola's Kitchen
634 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y 2G3, CA

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  1. Or maybe they realised it was a poor choice for a name if they weren't on a military base. So maybe they had no idea what a commissary is.

    1. Lola's started a dinner service a couple of months ago. It's just around the corner from me and we've had many amazing brunches here so decided to give dinner a try and it was really fantastic.

      For starters I had the chef salad. It had warm chick peas, roasted cherry tomatoes, arugula and crispy polenta. Excellent and really enjoyed the different textures on the plate.

      The two others both had ceasar salads. They were made with kale and had crispy leeks. Definitely not a traditional but both enjoyed them.

      For a mains I had fettuccine with pesto and chicken. It was excellent, the pesto was delicious and fresh. SO had a special that was a pasta and lamb dish that he really enjoyed. Our friend got a pizza and said it was great.

      The dinner was very similar to their amazing brunch. The food was super fresh, thoughtful, and plated nicely. Prices, especially on the drinks were very reasonable. Service was great too. It was fairly quiet there for Saturday night but assume that not too many are aware they serve dinner yet. But we will definitely be back, the meal was excellent.

      We live in the neighbourhood and really excited to have some excellent bistro fare in the Church St. food dead zone.