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It's It in LA

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Okay, so I was just up in the Bay Area less than a month ago, but I was never hungry enough to eat a whole It's It while I was there. And now, of course, I want one. Are there any establishments this far south that sell these monstrous ice cream cookie sandwiches? The website was charming and singularly unhelpful. Thanks!

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  1. Didy Reese in Westwood? $1 each! Fan tastic!

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      Oopss..read your thread too fast......i thought u just wanted a good ice cream sandwhich.....

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        They're yummy, but sadly not the same thing.

      2. low fat? organic? high fiber?

        1. Why not order them online? They deliver to continental US.

          From the FAQ section:

          Can I have It's It products shipped to my home?

          Yes, It's It can ship products anywhere in the Continental United States. To order them online, please click here (https://www.itsiticecream.com/orderop...


          Link: http://www.itsiticecream.com/faqs.cfm

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            gee, did you see how much they charge for shipping?

            1. re: a

              Yeah, I did see that. My bad.

              Why would anyone want to spend nearly $100 for basically a cookie ice cream sandwich.

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                We're bringing desert to a small gathering on Sunday and i was going to order a case and have it shipped there.

                Shipping cost stopped me cold!!!

            2. damn !!! i'm drawing a blank - i used to eat them all the time about 5-6 years ago - i believe i picked them up at a local liquor store - just can't remember which one and whether or not they still sell them - they had several flavors - but i'll tell you one thing, they must make different sizes for the sf crowd - i don't remember them being all that big - they were definitely smaller than those nestle tollhouse sandwiches they sell at 7-11's - if i run into them aain, i'll let you know.

              1. I too went on a quest for it's its and called about 15 different Southland markets and chains with no luck. They are the BEST frozen treats around. I hope someone chimes in who knows where to get them!

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                  Try Smart & Final, if the carry it in any So Cal store they can order it for you. Also try to see if Costco has it.

                2. Do they have these at Dodger Stadium?

                  I think at one time they did...maybe not...

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                    My god woman you are right!

                    Dodger Stadium did have It's It ice cream, but no more.

                    Which reminds me ... Angel's Stadium does currently have It's It Ice Cream ... kudos to Arte Moreno.

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                      Yeah, it replaced the old school favorite Cool-A-Coo which dominates over all ice cream sandwiches period!

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                        Agreed 100%!!! ;-) They were always part of my Dodgers experience when I was growing up and mourn the loss each and every time I have gone since they got rid of them. Anyone know where we can get a Cool-A-Coo now??

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                          IIRC, Cool-A-Coo filed for bankruptcy a while back and its assets were subsequently purchased by another company. I'm not even sure the company (or product) even exists anymore.

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                          Great....glad you mentioned "Cool-A-Coo", because I couldn't think of the name of that thing when the "It's It" thread started. Yes,nothing like a Cool-A-Coo at a Dodger game...think that was the last time I went to Dodger Stadium was when they had them there.

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                            @ risk of sounding sappingly sentimental, there were only two things that could fight off a blistering summer day @ Dodger Stadium: COOL-A-COO and the real CARNATION MALTS. I can remember those delicious chocolate-covered oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwiches coming in 3 packs in the frozen novelty section at Alpha Beta and Lucky as one of those "Hey mom, can we get these?" items throughout my grammar school years.

                            Sad to say, I can verify WildSwede's post about COOL-A-COO ceasing to exist. : ( And while IT'S IT may curry favor amongst some, it couldn't hold a candle to the COO. Simply put, Giant fan? IT'S IT. Dodger fan? the COO.

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                          I'm not a woman but thanks.

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                            My apologies ...

                      2. I too was on this quest a couple of years ago.

                        I eventually had my Pop who is in the foodservice industry order me a case thru a wholsaler.

                        Online seems to be one of the only options for us in So-Cal.

                        And yes dodger and other stadiums used to have these.

                        1. I am in love with these delectable little treats. They are frequently but not consistently at the liquor 3 blocks from my house. $1 each! on their off-days they have these ice cream sandwiches called UFO's, but don't do that to yourself if you don't have to. i always try to thank them and make a big point of it when they have the it's its there, just so they know there's a fan base, you know? :)

                          the store is on the southwest corner of james m. wood and westmoreland. i think it's called ayutla liquors. closest major cross streets are olympic and vermont (slightly north and east of olympic and vermont).

                          can't wait to see if other locations turn up!

                          1. i did a yahoo seach and came up with this thread. called the liqur store and they said they do carry it's its.


                            Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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                              friend just went and they DO NOT have the it's its!!!!

                              Sorry - I did indeed call.

                            2. I love them also, but I wouldn't pay $100 for shipping. For that price, I could fly up to SF and buy them.

                              The liquor store on the NW corner of Laurel Canyon and Moorpark in Studio City carries them.

                              1. You can also get them at the liquor store on Hyperion in between Tracy St. and Griffith Park Blvd. in Los Feliz/Silverlake. Good luck!

                                1. Thank you all for the suggestions! I'll post back with any successes (or failures) in the great quest.

                                  1. There's a gourmet gas station at the NE corner of Beverly Glen and Santa Monica Blvd. I was just in there a week ago with my daughter, who wanted an ice cream bar -- and I saw It's Its in the freezer case. They were sold individually, and I don't know if they always have them, but they were definitely there quite recently.
                                    I wasn't hungry but I almost bought one anyway. . . Hadn't seen them since my Bay Area days. . .

                                    1. HI!!!

                                      I actually called It's It five years ago, I couldn't LIVE without these!

                                      They were very helpful in referring me to Ross-Swiss, the local distributor, and R-S asked my zip code and referred me to the tiny liquor store on Magnolia just east of Van Nuys Blvd. that carries them

                                      Good luck!!!!

                                      1. i love it's it ice cream sandwiches.
                                        and i hope this is good news for everyone.
                                        i found a place that sells them. i've been looking for a long time!!!

                                        anyways, the place that has it is UCLA.
                                        the store is called cafe by the seas (school of engineering and applied science).

                                        location: 5800W Boelter Hall. the fifth floor of Boelter Hall is the "ground floor" if you're coming from the Court of Sciences.

                                        here's a map of the campus


                                        they've been selling out of these sandwiches so you might want to call before you get on the 405.
                                        they're next shipment arrives next monday aug 14.


                                        1. st regis liguor store on 3d street and orlando

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                                            Sorry, just went to the St. Regis and they DO NOT have the It's It. Dude said he would
                                            talk to his ice cream guy when he came in, but as of this moment, NO IT'S IT! DRAT!

                                          2. sorry -- i buy them there all the time. guess they were out. Did you see the cooler in the back, not the one in the front?

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                                              I recently discovered It's It boxes at Smart & Final. I didn't find the mint ones but the vanilla ones are quite tasty.

                                              Smart & Final
                                              10113 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

                                              1. re: SupermanLives

                                                I found It's It at...I think Ralphs???? It's in my freezer now. Maybe Stater Bros. Some major market in my area of Santa Clarita. Maybe it's not so "rare" as in the past...?

                                                1. re: Kitchen Queen

                                                  YES, KQ! I just got the sales ad and it advertised that Ralphs has them on sale. I need to get over there and get me some! So glad to find them after all this time!! ;-)

                                                2. re: SupermanLives

                                                  Gelsons in Silver Lake has the mint ones.

                                                    1. re: monku

                                                      I found them at Stater Brothers.

                                                      1. re: JThur01

                                                        I saw them at my local Ralph's (SGV) this past Sunday...

                                              2. Ralph's in the SFV also. 7-11 used to carry them back in the '70's when they 1st came out but I don't know if they still do.

                                                1. Starting Wednesday 6/23 It's -It are on sale at Ralphs Markets $1.88 for the 3 count box.

                                                  1. Most Albertsons stores carry them in the 3- and 12- packs. Usually just the vanilla, but I've found mint on a lucky few occasions. Haven't seen the cappucino, chocolate, or strawberry.