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Nov 26, 2011 08:56 AM

Best Philly in town

Hi All,
So, I searched and didn't find anything really useful.
Maybe 2-3 years ago I started looking for a really great philly cheesesteak in Phoenix and I've now had, well, a lot of them. More than I'd like to admit.
A few weeks back, I found myself in Philadelphia for work, and I took the opportunity to check off two items from my Bucket List. The first was dining at Morimoto (10 course chef's tasting menu, INSANE, it's a worthy bucket list item), and the second was to have a legit philly cheesesteak. I was of course forced to choose between Geno's and Pat's...a close friend of mine who is from philly and whose opinion I trust when it comes to food advised I choose Pat's, so that is where I went.

I'm not going to sugar coat it; Pat's sucks. Roll was hard (some might see it positively in that it doesn't get soggy...) with a dried-out-sponge texture and basically no flavor, and there was too much of it. The onions were so greasy it looked like they had been boiled in oil and scooped out oil and all. The meat was completely missing any seasoning and was overcooked. The cheese wasn't melted into the meat (I went w/ Provolone, I can hear it now people saying I should have gone w/ wiz...). What I will give to it is the smelling cheesesteak ever, probably due to the number of steaks they've cooked on that griddle.
Maybe it is the real deal, maybe it's famous, and certainly I'm not from philly. So I realize that many will find that "I don't know what I'm talking about"...but I'll tell you what...the best cheesesteak I've ever eaten, by a country mile, is at Defalco's (Scottsdale Road & Oak, roughly). Order it with mushrooms and onions.

I haven't had every cheesesteak in Phoenix either, but I've had my share, and seriously, if you can find one that you think is better than Defalco's (and you've HAD ONE at Defalco's) I'll go down there today and order myself one.

Can you guys tell I'm hungry? lol

Just thought I'd share... :)

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  1. Good to shoulda went to Luke's....

    1. DeFalco's is the best I've has so far.

      1. I had never been to Defalco's but visited there last week after reading your post.
        I ordered the Philly with mushrooms, onions and peppers.
        WOW. It was so good I ordered another to take home to my foodie wife.
        She said, "Wow".
        I don't know if it is the best cheesesteak in the country, but I have traveled quite a bit and it is best one I have every had.
        Thanks for posting.

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          Another vote for DeFalco's philly being the BEST!!! It's one of the few food items in the Valley that I crave ... very glad I live a half hour away! DeFalco's, in general, is a must-visit spot.

          1. re: hungryinaz

            +1 for DeFalco's

            went there last night and it was a very good philly

          1. I recently had a *very* good cheesecake at Gilbert Ice Cream and Grill ( ) on the west side of Gilbert road, between Warner and Ray. It used to be just an ice cream shop, but they've really expanded the menu. They get all their meats from the Midwestern Meat Market, and make their cheesesteak with a generous helping of thinly shaved prime rib. I opted for his white cheddar sauce, but he does stock Cheese Whiz for those who insist.

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              Oh, and the owner makes his own french fries and potato chips. I haven't tried the chips, but the fries were outstanding.