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Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles Questions

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Which Roscoe's location is the original?

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  1. that's a damn good question. I've been to the one in pasadena, the one in long beach, and the one in west LA. Hasn't happened to me yet but my friend was at the West LA location and a rather "voluptuous" african american waitress told my friend "son, get yo elbows off dem tables before I hafta take away yo chix" so if your looking for that kinda roscoe's go there. I heard the later it gets the more interesting the crowd too.

    west la location: 1514 N Gower St Los Angeles, CA

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      Wouldn't the "west LA" location be the Pico/LaBrea (not really west la...but more west than the Gower one)......i've had that same lady at the Pico blvd location....everyone referred to her as big mama....i remember my first night in LA in college...my roomates took me to that roscoes at 2am....first time I've had to go through a metal detector to eat!

      Good stuff though....its a treasured memory....that scoe's special....chicken and waffles for the first time.

      I don't like the one in hollywood...its so small...

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        Never been, and have been wanting to for a long time. What should I order? Do you eat there, or take out? Is there any protocol? (Soup Nazi reference)

        Thank You.

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          The ordering protocol is simple: chicken, waffles.
          Better to eat there than take out, as fried chicken is better freshly cooked and waffles probably are too.

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            Yeah, any restaurant with a food in its name, I'd start with that food*: Chicken. and waffles.

            *Dino's Burgers notwithstanding

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              Steven Rhodes

              The "Carol C" seems to be the perfect one for me.

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              Yeah...i'd skip the chicken with gravy on it....the simple Chicken and waffles is the thing to get. I don't go very often, but its worth going to once or twice.

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              They have a few combinations on the menu, but it's best to keep it simple, as others have stated, to ONLY chicken (2 or 3 pieces) and waffles. They'll ask whether you want dark or light meat; I'd strongly recommend asking for thighs. The breast meat dries out too easily.

              It's definitely worth trying at least once. I think the quality has been going a bit downhill over the years, at least with the chicken. The waffles are very good.

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                Anybody heading to Roscoe's should read this golden oldie by Thi.

                Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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                  i've always ordered the #3, 1/2 chicken and 2 waffles. quite filling and it really hits the spot.

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                  Yep, that's Big Mama. I forget what the drink is called, but it's Big Mama's Somethingorother ... I think it was orange juice mixed with something else? It's quite good.

                  I like to get the Big Mama drink with two orders of eggs, which are scrambled with cheese and onion, and some biscuits.

              2. I first went to the Hollywood location in the mid-80s; I don't think there were any others at the time. The Long Beach branch is only five or six years old.

                1. The one on Gower is the original.

                  1. The original and only Roscoe's for us purists is the one in Hollywood at the corner of Sunset and Gower. Hopefully you can eat there after dark,because it just has a better atmosphere that way. There should be a wait, but it's worth it. Great atmosphere too. I suggest getting the #2 (chicken waffles gravy) with the Gravy ON THE SIDE for your dipping pleasure.

                    I really fun place and excellent food. NOTE: Save the waffles for last.

                    1. I'm not positive about which is the original, but the Hollywood Roscoe's is the best. I recommend the Scoe's special (I ususally get mixed white and dark meat - one breast and one leg). If I had a guest visiting Los Angeles and could only take them to one restaurant, this would be it. The Roscoe's in Pasadena is my second favorite. If you happen to find yourself up in that direction, it is a good choice and convenient choice (located on Lake Ave, a few blocks north of the 210 freeway). If you happen to go to a UCLA football game at the Rose Bowl, stopping by Roscoe's afterwords for dinner is a great way to end the evening.

                      Link: http://www.ultimatela.com/restaurants...

                      1. When I go I generally get chicken and waffles and the lemonade (which is really quite good btw). I've always wondered about their sides. Has anyone tried the greens, mac n cheese, cornbread, red beans etc? I went last night and i'm jonesin' for it again.

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                          I really like the greens, but at four bucks for a small bowl, they're hardly worth it.

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                            We always get the combo that has a piece of chicken, small bowls of greens and mac & cheese, cornbread and a side order of a waffle. The greens and mac & cheese are really good!

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                              I was looking at that last night, but opted out. Might hit that combo later. Thanks for the info!

                          2. I haven't been there in more than 7 years, but the few times that I did eat there I got the same things - waffles and greens. I loved 'em both, but I don't think I'd now enjoy paying $4 for a side of greens.

                            Inflation happens, dadgummit.

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                              I just checked their website. Now a side of greens and a single waffle are each $4.60. For $9.20 I guess I'd rather eat elsewhere and get more food.

                            2. Just had a lovely MLK breakfast this morning. Had the Carol C - one fried chicken breast and one waffle, only I had the chicken smothered. It was heavenly. The chicken was moist and juicy and very, very meaty. The gravy was thick, tasty, and not lumpy. The waffle was perfectly golden with that nice touch of spice.

                              My friend had smothered thighs, grits, and biscuits and had no complaints either. And a sweet, attentive, and sassy server.

                              I don't know why I don't go more often.

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                                Where did you have this? I've tried the biscuits and the gravy at only the Pasadena location, and would never recommend either: the gravy was a watery brown substance instead of a nice thick chicken or sausage gravy, and the so-called "biscuits" were yeast rolls! Are the recipes different elsewhere?

                              2. I think the original was on W. Washington Blvd. a couple of blocks east of La Brea. That was the only one I ever knew about, I used to see it when I hung out at the Parisian Room, which was right at the corner of W. Washington and La Brea. I never went there because I always ate at the bbq place that was attached to the Parisian Room, Lou's I think it was called. It was it's own bbq restaurant with take out and a counter inside, plus they had a little window into the Parisian Room and would served food in there, too. I used to like the bbq goat. That was in the late 70's/early 80's. There was also a really good New Orleans po-boy shop in the same general vicinity, don't recall the name, but their ho sausage po-boy's were the real deal.

                                1. I like the Carol C special. Skip everything else include the margarine.

                                  Chicken + waffle + hot sauce.