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Nov 26, 2011 04:42 AM

edina: jason's deli@ Centennial Lakes

anyone familiar with it?? have you tried it?? reactions?? is it a chain?? it replaced the Cent. Lakes Mickey D's

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  1. I know it's a chain, but I think the only other Twin Cities location is Eden Prairie. I've looked at the menu online and it looks decent, I'll try it next week as it's only a couple of blocks from work.

    1. It is a chain. I used to eat there often when I traveled to Dallas for business. I kind of like it. Lots of options, including some pretty healthy ones. It was always good for a group because everyone could find something to eat. I would not suggest it will rock your world, but that area could use a few more lunch options since everything is always packed.

      1. I used to go to these once in awhile in Austin, TX. Definitely nothing special unfortunately.

        1. I was in a hurry on my way to an appointment, but needed to grab something quick to take with me. I got a bagel at Jason's. They wanted to toast it for me, I am assuming to cover the fact that it must have been sliced the day before and not covered for about 24-hours. They also charged me $1.78. If I hadn't been running late, I would have walked out. To top it off, it wasn't even a real bagel, but more like one of those rolls with a hole in it that people sometimes call a bagel.

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          1. re: sheepy

            the term deli is used too loosely

            1. re: MarkG

              "the term deli is used too loosely"

              Boy you have THAT right!!!!!

              1. re: MarkG

                What do you consider a deli to mean, or to be?

                1. re: foreverhungry

                  the essence of a deli is good quality sandwiches

                  1. re: MarkG

                    If that's your view of a deli (I think there are many different ways to consider what a deli is, in part based on where you grew up), then I think Jason's Deli fits the bill. They make good quality sandwiches.

                    Are they the best in the Twin Cities? No. But they are most definitely "good quality".

                  2. re: foreverhungry

                    It might be easier to define what a deli isn't (or shouldn't be). It shouldn't be a case full of cheap, processed, chopped, formed, chemicalized meat and cheese loaves. It shouldn't be artificially fluffy, tasteless breads. It shouldn't be packaged slaw mix with sugar and Miracle Whip. It shouldn't be purchased cookies and treats.

                    1. re: sandylc

                      Agreed (with a minor quibble). And by those standards, I'd put Jason's Deli in the "deli" category.

                      The quibble - "purchased cookies and treats" - most delis I'm familiar with in New Jersey and Philadelphia sell purchased cookies and treats. DiBruno Brothers in Philly, for example, an excellent example of everything a deli should be, sells packaged cookies. Most of them are imported from Italy, and are pretty darned tasty. I wouldn't expect a deli to make their own deserts and treats.

                      1. re: foreverhungry

                        O.K., you do have a point about the cookies, etc. There is such a preponderance of BAD packaged/purchased baked goods around that sometimes it's hard to remember that there are SOME good products out there!

                        1. re: sandylc

                          It is hard to see the wheat for all the chaff sometimes. I recently received a great gift from a cousin in Switzerland of packaged Italian chocolates that blows the doors off of anything locally produced. But it is up to the deli in question to source very good products...that's usually where things fall apart.

                2. re: sheepy

                  "To top it off, it wasn't even a real bagel, but more like one of those rolls with a hole in it that people sometimes call a bagel."

                  Oh! A Minnesota bagel!

                  I make my own.

                  1. re: sandylc

                    Brueggers is close enough to a real bagel. Sadly, the bagel at Jason's reminded me of the bagels at The Lincoln Del. I loved the Del, but the bagels were not good.

                    1. re: sheepy

                      Brueggers bagels are too cakey and tasteless. They don't have the flavor or chew that a good bagel should have. I did hear that Common Roots has great bagels - unfortunately, the one time I got one there they had evidently kept the previous days goods and it was hard and dried out. They are probably worth another try.

                      1. re: sandylc

                        Agreed. Given the choices in MSP, I do think Brueggers come closest to what a bagel should be, even though it does nonetheless fall short.

                        I've tried the Common Roots bagels a few times, and while I really want to like them, I just don't find them that radically different than Brueggers. Or, to be fair, I don't find them anywhere close to any good bagelry found in the NYC metro area, which might be a high standard.

                        There was a place in Uptown (Zeno?) that used to have H&H bagels from NYC next day aired (maybe it was same day) for Saturday mornings. Even several hours old, they were still the best bagel to be found in the MSP area.

                        One last place you can try for a good bagel is the St. Paul Bagelry. To be honest, I find theirs the best in the area.