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Bucks of Woodside?

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I've read the older posts, but there's nothing recent. Is this the kind of place where I can drop in without a reservation on a Sunday evening, fairly early, without a problem? And is the food still good? Anything in particular I should order? I really want to try the Village Pub, but it's too expensive for this excursion.

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  1. This is a famous diner with standard average diner food. If you are a foodie, i would not recommend this place. Is ok to meet for business breakfast or lunch.


    1. Sunday evening shouldn't be a problem-and if it is busy there is always the bar where they will serve you dinner. The food is very mediocre though, there's nothing I would specifically recommend. The Village Bakery in the same shopping complex serves dinner and is better.
      If I were down that way I'd want to try the new lobster place in the Ladera Shopping Center in Portola Valley. I also have a soft spot for Mike's; it's not great but it's better than Buck's.

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        >Village Bakery<
        Did you mean Woodside Bakery & Cafe? If so, there were very bad reports after an ownership change. Has it come back in quality? It was a favorite of mine in its prior incarnation.

        Woodside Bakery & Cafe
        3052 Woodside Rd, Woodside, CA

        1. re: Malcolm Ruthven

          I do mean the Woodside Bakery & Cafe. When did the ownership change? I've not eaten there in about 1 year.

          Woodside Bakery & Cafe
          3052 Woodside Rd, Woodside, CA

          1. re: artychokeasana

            This is from two years ago.


            1. re: Malcolm Ruthven

              I think I've been there since then and it was just fine. But you know the older I get the more the years blur...so it could have been 2 years ago since I went. I haven't heard any of my friends who live locally complain about it.

          2. re: Malcolm Ruthven

            I ate at Woodside Cafe last week, I thought it was good enough. I had a lamb panini, some fries, and I enjoyed it. Business lunch. Better than buck's.

        2. Okay, forget Buck's. Maybe I'll wait till I'm in the area on a weekday afternoon and try the pub menu at the Village Pub. (They apparently don't offer it on Sunday.) Or the Woodside cafe. I'm having fun exploring towns I've never visited -- or haven't for a long time -- after trips down to Palo Alto. So far I've "done" Mountain View and Menlo Park, using tips from this board. I wanted to try Woodside today, but didn't make it. Did have a nice dinner at Nola, though.

          Village Pub
          2967 Woodside Rd., Woodside, CA 94062