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Nov 25, 2011 09:33 PM

Smoked Tofu

Anyone know where to purchase smoked tofu? I went to Ranch 99 tonight and someone pointed me in the direction of 'seasoned tofu' but the texture seemed too soft. When I've had it in the past it had a simIlar look and texture to smoked Gouda. Maybe one of the Japanese markets in the Kearney area? I didn't have time to stop at them tonight.

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  1. I have seen it at Wholefoods, Jimbo's and Major Market

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    1. 99 Ranch does have it. It's in the refrigerated case next to the produce, and has the texture you describe.

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        What's it labeled as? I literally spent 15 min looking at every processed soy product in and didn't see what I was looking for.

        1. re: Jered

          There are two different cases with soy products at 99 Ranch, which doesn't make it easier. There is one case of soy/gluten products that's near the fish tanks, which is where a lot of the mock meats are. The other is by the produce. It's possible they moved the smoked tofu to the case near the fish, so you might look there.

          I do not remember what the name of the product was, but I can tell you what it looks like. It's very dark brown in color, and looks kind of like a miniature square throw pillow in shape (i.e. it bulges in the packaging, with the corners compressed). There are a few varieties, with slightly different seasoning. They usually come as two cakes per package, next to each other.

          I'm actually going up there today for some stuff, and I'll see if I can find it and tell you more specifically where you can locate it.

          1. re: Josh

            Also, in the fake meat area near the fish, they have something called "smoked drumstick", which is made from mushroom and bean curd.

          2. re: Jered

            The product I was thinking of is labeled as "Baked" vs. smoked. I've used it before, and texturally is what you are describing. I misremembered it as smoked, though the list of seasoning isn't very specific, and liquid smoke may be involved.

            1. re: Josh

              I'll have to take a look again. I was aware of the meats/sausages case by the fish and baked goods and walked right by there on my way out. I knew there were fake meats over there but didn't make the connection the other night. I'll take another look in a couple days. Thanks for taking the time to look for me.

              1. re: Jered

                I bought anther product there, it comes in a brick and is called Imitation Smoked Duck. Quite tasty, but the texture is soft.

                I believe the seasoned tofu by the produce is going to be the closest to what you want. If you feel the packages, some are quite a bit harder than the others.

                Another interesting faux meat product they have there is in the aisle where the jerky is located, they have a soy jerky alternative. I picked up a couple of them and they're not bad. Reminiscent of Primal Strips, but a lot less expensive.