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Nov 25, 2011 09:27 PM

Birthday dinner help needed for Downtown Detroit

My DH and another couple are going downtown for Noel Night next weekend. It also happens to be our friends birthday. We are looking for something casual as our dress will be primarily to keep warm, not to be dressed up! She's not a very adventurous eater and neither is her husband. Price shouldn't be too high-end but it is a birthday celebration so slightly expensive will do. Can anyone help?

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  1. Traffic Jam & Snug at Canfield & Second: Mid-town Shangri-la on Cass near Warren: Cass Cafe" (very casual) are very close to the mid town Noel Night festivities. Should fit their needs, and none will break the bank.

    Traffic Jam & Snug Restaurant
    511 W Canfield St, Detroit, MI 48201

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      I was thinking about Traffic Jam...never been but have friends that eat there on a regular basis. It will probably be jammed considering it's Noel Night. Is it a pretty big space? Cass Cafe looks good. Never heard of it. Thanks for the recs.

      1. re: tdmort

        Cass Cafe is a bar—fun, and characteristic of the neighborhood, but not typically a place for any kind of celebration. Traffic Jam is quite large and handles big crowds when there are things happening downtown. I would consider Mario's nearby on Second—old-school Italian, which should satisfy the unadventurous eaters, valet parking, solid food, tons of atmosphere.