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Nov 25, 2011 08:11 PM

Your Current London Faves....

We will be heading to the city on the approach to Christmas for our annual 4 day food extravaganza, fully equipped with trousers featuring elasticated waist. :)

This is a very general post...and I know they are frowned upon...but I will give it a go anyway. I would love to hear about your fave current London spots. We have an extensive list of brekkie, burger/dog/lunchie and coffee type places. What we are after is some great “drive-bys”...places we can nip into and spend 20mins....or grab something to take on the run. For example, last year we enjoyed places such as Nordic Bakery, Oddono’s, Franco Manca, Yalla Yalla....that type of thing. Bakeries would be great....your fave markets (we tried in vain to find London Fields in the snow last year :)...anything *at all* that you curios...we want to hear.

Also, we usually enjoy a trip to Tayyabs one night. Would love to hear some suggestions for alternates. Have previously been to Indian Zing, but together they form the culmination of my Indian food experience in the capital.

We want to try and spend a few hours in Brixton, as I have read it is a burgeoning food destination. We have Franco Manca, Federation Coffee, Honest Burgers and Cornercopia as possible destinations here. Any you can add?

Finally, any grocery type places you the big dept. store foodhalls/wholefoods /ethic (sorry!) supermarkets etc.

Thanks very much in advance.

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  1. Try the Southbank Food Festival which runs Friday through Sunday. So many places to try including some traders from Eat Street.

    Brixton Village is open late Thursday, Friday and Sat. Some places aren't open on Sundays, including Federation Coffee and the deli near Franco Manca whose bread is delicious. All of it is baked in the pizza ovens at Franco Manca. There is a separate thread on Brixton Village on this board.

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      Many thanks ct, some really useful info. With regard to the Southbank Food Festival, we will be there outwith the normal Fri - Sun openings. I see on the website that they are doing a 'Real Food Christmas Market' from the 16th to the 23rd Dec. Would you happen to know if the Christmas version is the same sort of deal (ie. not turning to Christmas chintz!)?

      Thanks for the heads up on the deli near FM. I remember reading something about it a while they bake the buns for Honest Burgers or something? Regardless, finding some top bread is definitely on the agenda, so will definitely look in.

      Thanks again.

      1. re: ooglewoogle

        It shouldn't be too chintzy - the people behind Real Food have some great suppliers on board, so I would imagine it will be much of the same but with a bit of mulled wine and carol singing!

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          The deli is called Wild Caper. All the bread is sourdough. Not sure about them baking the buns for HB. They do have sourdough doughnuts which are delicious. They have started to supply some pubs and restaurants near me with their bread.

          All the Southbank Food Festivals I have been to including harvest ones have been chintz free - if by that you mean crafty things?

      2. eat st kings cross mkt, the standout stalls are Buen Provecho, yum bun, big apple hot dogs and the rib man

        meatliquor off oxford street for some of the best burgers in the uk, no bookings

        gelupo for ice cream is an alternative to oddonos although i like their blood orange granita (on the sweet side), they also have a selection of italian goodies to buy cheeses, wines, italian sausages, oils, tinned goods etc

        quite a few indian cafes have opened over the last year or two...dehli grill(they have a stall on the mkt at lunch), dishoom, Potli, Roti Chai

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        1. re: damien76

          Thanks Damien. I had been wondering about Eat St....and it's great to have some stall rec's to take with me.

          MEATliquor is already on the agenda....along with possibly Admiral Codrington and/or Honest Burger. There seem to be just so many great burgers now. While that is great news, the missus informs me that it is unreasonable to try them all in 4 days! ;) I have had the pleasure of the Hawksmoor burger last year - which I thought was amazing. Looking forward to seeing how some others stack up.

          We managed Gelupo last time....which was great, but I had a personal preference for Oddono's. Have you frequented either The Icecreamists or Chin Chin Labs? Any comments?

          Thanks for your help and suggestions. Much appreciated.

          157 Commercial St, Poplar, Greater London E1 6, GB

          1. re: ooglewoogle

            I read a terrific article about the Chin Chin Lab and have been anxious to get there. Let us know if you do. As for Meat Liquor - be advised that the place is extremely noisy with very loud music that blares. It annoyed me, but of course I'm of an older, sedate rock and rolling generation.

            1. re: zuriga1

              Not sure if its worth a trip alone out to Camden, I liked some of the sprinkles they used on the ice cream at Chin Chin. It's fun watching your ice cream being made with nitrogen by someone in a Lab coat but not sure whether it added anything to the actual ice cream or whether it was as good as some of the places mentioned.

            2. re: ooglewoogle

              Oddono's is a favourite in particular the pistachio or hazelnut but I don't really like the shop, bit on the cramped side.

              I prefer gelupo purely on the basis of its shop + location (quiet street/no cars) slap bang in the west end. Same for the location of chocolate ice cream at Scoop in covent garden.

              I think a respected poster on here also recommended Dri Dri in Westbourne Grove.

          2. Here's a list of London's Top 10 hamburgers - well, according to this person. Photos are included for salivation.


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            1. re: zuriga1

              Oh Zuriga...if only you knew how long I have drooled over that list! ;)

              Thanks for posting.

            2. In Brixton Village, I also like Elephant for homestyle Pakistani food and Casa Sibilla and Bellantoni's for Italian. Kaosarn does excellent Thai food. The ones you list are also excellent - you could spend the whole weekend eating there!

              In Market Row, Casa Morita is currently packing them in but I haven't been. Seven at Brixton is also supposed to be fun.

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              1. re: greedygirl

                Thanks gg...some fantastic rec's there - and right up our street. I think maybe more than one session in BV shall be required! :)