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Gestalt Haus (Fairfax)

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I was in Fairfax today and stopped into Gestalt Haus Fairfax, a sausage/beer/etc place set up to cater to bikers. There are racks on the walls for bicycles. I didn't have a bike and I don't drink much beer, but I was ready for a late lunch. I saw the sign for pastrami and swiss with sauerkraut for $7 and ordered that. It was quite a good sandwich, not piled high with pastrami but rather an amount reflecting the price, and it all came together as one of those the-whole-is-greater-than-the-sum-of-the-parts sandwiches. There was more meat than is evident in the photo below. I'd definitely order it again. It came with a large and good pickle spear and house-made cole slaw, mild but good. There's an interesting condiment bar and also several interesting mustards. There are several beers available but I'll leave comment on that to someone else. The owner is very friendly and takes pride in the food he serves.

A few photos: http://ruthvenphotos.com/gestalthaus

Gestalt Haus Fairfax
28 Bolinas Rd, Fairfax, CA 94930

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  1. I went back today and had a brat. Large, probably 1/4 pound, firm, good snap, and good flavor. They're serious about hot dogs and sausages here, all $5 including sauerkraut and of course the large number of condiments and mustards. Lots of beers on the board (didn't have any). This is a good place; give it a try even if you're not a biker (I'm not).