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Nov 25, 2011 05:36 PM

Need recipe for Banana-Vanilla Rum like they give you in St Maartin.

I fell in love with this stuff. It was always served to us when we paid our bill. I am not having very good luck finding it on google.


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    1. re: HillJ

      Kinda but that's not it. Thank you though.

    2. Banana Vanilla Rum
      After my own tweaking...
      when I make the MaDouDou Banana/Vanilla I change the ingredients a little...
      First, I use Mt. Gay Rum rather than Meyers...
      I cut down on the water by a cup and use Light Brown Sugar instead of white sugar...
      and, if I can find, them I use some of those little "Baby Bananas"...

      and I add the split vanilla beans to the water then I heat it to dissolve the sugar...

      1.5 liter bottle of Mt. Gay rum.
      one empty 1.5 liter bottle (dark glass if possible)
      2 vanilla beans (split lengthwise)
      4 baby bananas (two for each bottle)
      4 cups water
      1 packed cup Light Brown Sugar

      heat water and dissolve sugar (with split vanilla beans) to make a sugar syrup
      split rum equally between the two bottles
      split sugar syrup equally between the two bottles
      split banana to fit through the neck of the bottle and put one banana in each bottle
      put one vanilla bean in each bottle
      put the bottles on a sunny window ledge and rotate once a day for at least two weeks...