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Nov 25, 2011 05:12 PM

French Camembert Cheese Missing After Thanksgiving?

This is my favorite cheese, and USUALLY I have no trouble getting it at the local Publix Supermarket in Orlando, FL. But today, 11/25/11, the day after Thanksgiving, not only did NONE of the Publix stores here have any, even though French Brie is in superabundance, but neither did the competitor store Winn-Dixie, NOR the Whole Foods Store. Is Camembert the cheese of choice for Thanksgiving, has France stopped shipping it, or what??? I hope it is not the latter as if it is, then there is little hope a restocking time will fix it.

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  1. When I read the "headline" of your post, I thought you were trying to figure out who had absconded with your Camembert which gave me quite a chuckle. Sorry I can't answer your question.

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    1. re: escondido123

      yes I thought the cat or granny had made off with it!

      I have seen them in S Fl so they made it south.

      1. re: smartie

        Well at a dinner party I gave a few months ago Dusty a sweet GDS was visiting with her human and made an entire log of goat cheese go missing in seconds. It's now a running joke with us months later.

      2. re: escondido123

        So did I- I was all ready to be outraged right along with you.

        1. Maybe it was just especially popular in your area this year. Was there a recipe printed in the local paper? That could do it.

          We enjoyed baked Camembert yesterday before our meal. France is still sendin' them over!

          1. I'm just going to ask - did you actually ask any of the stores that you looked in? Maybe it was a popular cheese for the holiday and they were all sold out?

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            1. re: Astur

              I asked in at least one store, and they were surprised they were out, so I don't think they know why. But all is not lost - here on Monday, the next "working" day, the Cheese is back! (Thank you, resupply truck.)